Xiaomi Mi4i vs Mi4: 10 Differences You Must Know

xiaomi mi4 vs mi4i

Since Xiaomi started to rule the smartphone world, the variants and new models of Xiaomi started creating hype among the people. The recent launch Xiaomi Mi4i made by Xiaomi makes the Xiaomi lovers to afford the high end xiaomi mi4 specs in their Mi4 to be presented relatively in Mi4i at lesser price. Here are the major differences that you must know between Xiaomi Mi4i and Xiaomi Mi4.

10. Price

Xiaomi success lies in the secret of offering high end specification in reliable price for people. Its previous model Redmi xiaomi Mi4 specs won the hearts of million hence the latest Mi4i is priced at Rs. 12,199. Earlier the Motorola Inc. succeeded in Indian market through this same price range with its Moto g followed by Moto g 2nd gen. Its now the turn of Xiaomi.xiaomi mi4 vs mi4i

Mi4i vs Mi4 in Price
Xiaomi Mi4 Price – 16GB: ₹17,999  / 64GB: ₹19,999/-  |  Xiaomi Mi4i Price – ₹12,999 /-

9. Battery

Xiaomi here offers a long lasting battery with powerful life for its users with this new model Mi4i. Though Xiaomi Mi4 has a 3080 mAH battery this new Mi4i comes with 3120 mAH. Thus it lasts quite a bit longer in multi-tasking as well as internet usage.

Mi4i vs Mi4 Battery
Xiaomi Mi4 – 3080 mAH  |  Xiaomi Mi4i – 3120 mAH

 8. Camera

However high the spec may be, it was the camera which is one of the crucial deciding factor that determines the reach of the best smartphone. Xiaomi mi4 main camera of 13MP with Auto-focus HDR and 4K video recording. This new Mi4i too has the same 13MP and same other Xiaomi Mi 4 specs except 4K video recording. However the front camera makes the difference. Mi4 has 8.0 MP while Mi4i comes with 5.0 MP.xiaomi mi4 vs mi4i

Mi4i vs Mi4 Camera
Xiaomi Mi4 – Front Camera : 8.0 MP | Primary Camera : 13 MP  |  Xiaomi Mi4i – Front Camera : 5.0 MP | Primary Camera : 13 MP

7. Storage

Xiaomi Mi4 india has arrived with two variants as 16 and 64 GB inbuild. The only difference here in Xiaomi mi4i is the company has now decided to launch only this 16 GB inbuild memory with 12 GB available for the user.

6. RAM

Xiaomi smartphones relatively offers better multi-tasking without any time lag like other android phones. This xiaomi spec is one of the reason for its huge hit in the Xiaomi Mi4 india market. They offers the best RAM capacity to cope with their processor.

Mi4i vs Mi4 in RAM
Xiaomi Mi4 – 3GB LP-DDR3  |   Xiaomi Mi4i – 2GB LPDDR3

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5. Processor

Its time for you to check whether your smartphone that you own or planning to own has the latest technology processor. Since processor makes the user hassle free when you are handling multiple or heavy tasks. Xiaomi Mi4 spec with its processor stands at higher grade. The previous Xiaomi Mi4 has 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 series with quad-core CPU. Since Xiaomi Mi4i is no longer lesser than this spec. To make Xiaomi Mi4i review better the company offers 2nd Generation 1.65GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Series Octa-core i,e (1.7GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A53 + 1.0GHz quad-core A53) CPU.xiaomi mi4 vs mi4i

Mi4i vs Mi4 Processor
Xiaomi Mi4 – 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 series with quad-core CPU   |   Xiaomi Mi4i – 1.7GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A53 + 1.0GHz quad-core A53  CPU.

4. Weight

Today everyone wish to have their smartphone as complete sleek and good looking. This also depends on the weight that the smartphone has been designed. Xiaomi mi4 is 149 g in weight while the mi4i is slightly lesser in weight than with 130 g.

Mi4i vs Mi4 Weight
 Xiaomi Mi4 – 149 g  |   Xiaomi Mi4i – 130 g 

3. Network

Since Internet is changing the lives of people. Every nook and corner around the world is fighting for net neutrality. The evolution of g’s has became to grow faster from 2g to 3g and now its time for 4g. Xiaomi mi4i comes with 4g support to rule this generation era.

Mi4i vs Mi4 Network
 Xiaomi Mi4 – 3g  |  Xiaomi Mi4i – 4g LTE  

2. Display

This smartphone meets the people expectation with 5.0 inch. Since the display is sharper and smarter in all Xiaomi devices, Xiaomi mi4i review can be made with this slight difference in pixel resolution. The Mi4 has full HD 1920x1080p screen while this mi4i has full HD 1280x720p IPS screen.xiaomi mi4 vs mi4i

Mi4i vs Mi4 Display
 Xiaomi Mi4 – full HD 1920x1080p screen  |  Xiaomi Mi4i – full HD 1280x720p IPS screen   

1. Operating System

Wow it’s Android 5.0. Yeah Android lollipop. Every Xiaomi devices has MI interface in addition to android. The mi4 when it was arrived in 2014 has the latest Kitkat at that time but it’s now the time for Lollipop. Hence Xiaomi gives its users the ultimate experience of android with the latest operating system update with its MIUI 6.0 version. Even more high end devices in Sony, Samsung are waiting for the Lollipop update. But this 12,999 priced device simply rocks..!!!

Mi4i vs Mi4 OS
 Xiaomi Mi4 – Android v4.4 KitKat with MIUI 6.0  |  Xiaomi Mi4i – Android 5.0 Lollipop with MIUI 6.0 





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