World’s 10 Most Beautiful and Luxury Movie Theater

world most beautiful luxury movie theaters medulla infomata
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Enjoying Movies in Theaters is one of the ultimate entertainment for everyone. The seats of the theater with the digital sound surrounding gives us the pleasure of watching which we cannot achieve in our home. Even we have plenty of movie theater available in and around our residing locality, we travel km to enjoy the movie watching experience in the best theaters. Though we have the world best surround system speakers in our home, watching the movie with the people who are unknown in your surroundings always nurture you with the next level of pleasure and enjoyment. Here are some of the world’s most beautiful movie theaters which are often called luxury movie theaters in which you should watch once in your lifetime.

10. Brava Theater – San Francisco

This gives the peculiar beauty to the eyes by being a luxury movie theater in San Francisco. When you would been to visit San Francisco, watch at least a movie over here.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater brava
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 9. The Paris Theater – United States

You could well enjoy the realtime movie experience by the luxury set-up of the Paris Theater in United States. Wow the movie Life of Pi is screened for people by being in a boat.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater the paris
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8. Hot Tube Cinema – London

As per its name, this movie theater is beautiful enough to make you hot. This awesome movie theater will be always booked and you need to pre-book your shows with your beloved one to feel the heat 🙂

world most beautiful luxury movie theatre hot tube cinema
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7. The Fox Theater – United States

The most luxurious interior you could have ever seen in any movie theater. Yes, the Fox Theater in Oakland is well constructed with world leading architectural designs to delight the people with beauty.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater the fox
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6. Orinda Theater – California

Well designed with effective sound effects, this Orinda Theater in California gives you the pleasure of watching movies in one of the world most beautiful theater.

world most beautiful luxury movie theatre orinda
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5. The Egyptian Theater – Los Angeles

When you enter into this Egyptian Theater, it gives you the feel of being in Egypt. Just think of your experience of watching ‘The Mummy’ movie in this theater, you would drastically feel the Mummy near you 🙂

world most beautiful luxury movie theater egyptian
Image Source – Egyptian Theater

4. Paramount Theater

The World is familiar about this Paramount Theater. This luxury movie theater is among the choice of billionaires to watch movie.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater paramount
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3. Electric Cinema – London

You could enjoy the most electrifying visual and sound experience in this theater as per its name in london.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater electric
Image Source – electric house

2. Olympia Theater – Greece

Watch your movie in bed. Feel like home.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater olympia
Image Source – reddit

1. Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, Hollywood Studios Disney

Inside the Disney World you could experience the luxurious comfort. The world knows the disney world, similarly those who enter into this disney world ought to know the awesome movie experience here. You love watching the movie in toy car right.? Yup ! Go Disney.

world most beautiful luxury movie theater disney
Image Source – disney world