This Website Predicts How You May Lose Your Job To Robots

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IT Layoffs have been greatly increasing in the developing countries like India. MNCs Like TCS, Infosys have fired most of their senior managers in the Q2 of 2017. The majority of techies started to feel the heat of job insecurity. All these would be due to the increased automation in IT industry.

Robots and Automated machine learning programs started to confiscate the manual works. As a result, most of the tasks were automated with minimal man work.

In this realm of uncertainty, this website has something interesting to add oil to the fire.

This tells you whether you will lose your jobs to the Robots.

No matter you are a Software Engineer, Content creator, or a System administer. This website readily predicts your career future.

What is this website?

The name itself gives you the complete understanding of what it does.


Features of this website

This gives you details about your job’s value in the near future. You can check the following.

  • Automation Risk Level of your Job.
  • Projected Growth of your job by the year 2024.
  • Median Annual Wage of your Job.
  • Approximate people employed for your job till 2016.

How does it work?

Willrobotstakemyjob website extracts the occupation data from the job report published by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne. It also adds additional information about the job from the Bureau of Labour statistics.

How To Use This ‘Will Robots Take My Job’ Website To Predict Your Future?

  • Provide your designation in “Enter your Job” field. search

  • The auto-fill data provides the occupation detail with corresponding SOC (Standard Occupational Classification system in the US) code.

willrobotstakemyjob autofill

  • Select your relevant Occupation and click enter.
  • The probability percentage of robots to take your job will be displayed in percentage along with the job description below.

willrobotstakemyjob result

  • Below, you can find the Automation risk level status, Projected growth percentage, Median annual wage, Number of people employed.

willrobotstakemyjob status

You can share the result on Facebook and Twitter. The website also gives you the option to copy the link to share on Whatsapp.

willrobotstakemyjob sharing option

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