Wifi Creators for you – Now enjoy WiFi hot spot in your laptop

wifi hotspot
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Wifi Hotspot, Internet sharing ,Wifi creator, Can i create wifi zone ? How to do? Can i make it ? these questions could bother you now-a-days. Are you having wired Internet at home or Office?

Sick of thinking about how could you connect your most lovable and worthy smartphones and tablets my making use of that wired internet?

Yes. This is one of the demanding scenario that most of today’s tech generation feels.

No problem dude! Be Cool! You can make it!

We know the fact that in your laptop you can make internet via wire or wireless so, it’s not an issue in designing your wired internet connected laptop to be a Wifi creator. If you are a good networking guy you can make the technical configuration for that, but for everyone it’s not possible to be good enough to configure yourself, then what could you do?

There are some Wi-Fi hotspot creator software that can make you as a Wifi creator. Your laptop can be a Wi-Fi creator which could create a Wifi zone around you with your wired internet.

wifi hotspot
Image courtesy – wireless-link.net

My Public Wifi :

My Public Wifi is one of the leading Wifi creator that creates a virtual access point around you. This could be a temporary access point as you can make use of your smartphone or iPhone or iPad or tablet to surf internet. This Wi-Fi hotspot creator software could be downloaded from its official website www.mypublicwifi.com. Download the software create a Network name and password and enjoy Wi-Fi.

mHotspot :

mHotspot is also one of the Wifi creator software like my public Wi-Fi. It also creates the temporary virtual access point around you. Download the software from its official website www.mhotspot.com. After installing you can create your own network name, password and also you can set number of users who are allowed to access your network.


Bzeek is also one of the exclusive choice of most of windows xp and vista users to enable virtual access point for internet. Other versions of windows and mac could also be made Wifi creators with this software. This can be downloaded from its official website www.bzeek.com.


Connectify is also one of the Wi-Fi creator that could delight the users to enjoy the internet temporarily around them. Friends gathering for a meet, official gathering of people for a meet mostly use this connectify Wifi creator with the provided wireless card in one of the PC or laptop. This software can be downloaded from its official website www.connectify.me.

Virtual Router plus :

Virtual Router plus is also an open source Wifi creator that runs on windows 7 and windows 8. This also creates Wi-Fi environment as the other above software, through this we can also create network name and set password. This wifi creator can be downloaded from its official website www.virtualrouterplus.com.

Now you did it! You can choose any of this wifi creator software, download, install, and start configuring with the easier GUI in every software. All this can be done in your laptop or PC provided it should contain the Wi-Fi card inbuilt to share internet connection.



  • Hannan Ahmad

    These third party software’s are great if you want to turn your computer into a wireless router, but there will always be some people who do not want to use such software’s. These software’s could bring with them some security issues, but that is highly unlikely. Thankfully windows provides the transformation through command prompt, this is only available in windows 8 and 8.1.