Things That Went Wrong In Vedhalam Official Teaser – Why Thala?

Latest Ajith Movie trailer ‘Vedhalam’ is creating sensation across kollywood. This upcoming action entertainer which has Ajith teaming up with veeram fame director ‘siva’ is all set to storm the screen for Diwali, here’s a sneak-peak into the teaser and we’ve analysed what can go wrong with this movie when it hits the screen. Though the Official teaser of Vedhalam have all ingredients to emerge as a blockbuster movie, there are few things that went wrong for a negative talk in the movie Vedhalam.
Watch Vedhalam Official teaser now and then read below.!

Video Source – Sony Music India

 VFX for a Hero ?

vedhalam-official-teaser-negative-talkWhen many see this scene in Vedhalam Official Teaser, this thought arises. Plenty of VFX used but The first thing that snatched all our eyes is when Thala uttering ” therikka vidalama” you could see his trapezius popping out like a mountain but when on pausing the screen you could clearly see the head and the body were completely out of sorts and ears missing which is a one of the unnecessary piece of VFX work in Vedhalam.

Made for Telugu Audiences ?

vedhalam-official-teaser-reviewYou could see choppers flying, cars dancing in the air and there’s unreal kind of villains with long hairs rushing and chasing the hero. From the look of if it could certainly be against the laws of physics for sure but never know movies with such insane stunts have went on to smash box office records.

A Cliche’d Genre !! ?

It’s time to give up the roles of the Don and a cop for now. of the last ten movies Ajith has never been out of his comfort zone and it’s becoming a routine and a vulnerable threat for Ajith’s stardom.

Music ? I Though It Was Noise !!!

Anirudh’s music and the so called ‘Theri Theme‘ never looked like music. EDM all through 40 seconds??? I guess the sheen of the music director is finally coming off. Wishing this is not what he’s stored for the fans.
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Again a ONE MAN SHOW ?

vedhalam-official-teaser-AjithYou could see there’s literally nothing for the two female leads. And when the movie doesn’t have enough characterization for the heroines and other support actors the movie doesn’t stand a chance to be a good movie and by the teaser looks, it is solely on the shoulders of Ajith’s Vedhalam.
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