How To Use Whatsapp On PC or Laptop

whatsapp on pc
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Whatsapp has 1 billion active monthly users as of Feb 2016. This Facebook owned messaging company has officially released its new desktop app for these 1 billion users to stay connected even if they use Whatsapp on PC or laptop. Earlier Whatsapp had released Whatsapp web which is as simple as having your facebook opened in your browser.  But this time it is a dedicated app which need one time install in your PC or laptop. So let us see how to use Whatsapp on Pc? And also let us know the step by step approach on how to use Whatsapp desktop app on laptop?

You can use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop through either of the below.

  • Whatsapp Desktop App
  • Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web

If the PC or laptop you are using is not yours, you can opt for Whatsapp web.  When you are in browsing centre or library, or working in your friend’s laptop, or at your office desktop, you can use Whatsapp web because Whatsapp web is just a temporary way to stay connected in via browser. Follow these simple steps to start using Whatsapp web on PC or Laptop.

How to use Whatsapp Web?

Step 1: Go to Whatsapp Web official website. You will find a barcode.

Step 2: Connect to internet on your phone and open whatsapp.

Step 3: In your Smartphone, go to Whatsapp -> settings -> Whatsapp web.

Step 4: Scan the barcode which appears in website using your Smartphone camera.

Step 5: Wait for some time, you will find your chats in your PC or laptop.

Now all your Whatsapp data will be mirrored on your PC or laptop. Start using and enjoy.

Things to know while using Whatsapp Web

  • Whatsapp web can be used only on Google chrome.
  • Whatsapp web has to be used only by existing user.
  • Whatsapp web will stay connected only if your Smartphone is connected to internet.
  • None of your friends could find whether you are using whatsapp web or whatsapp in your mobile.
  • Videos are not supported but attachments can be sent and viewed

Whatsapp Desktop App

The new Whatsapp desktop app is launched for both Windows and Mac devices. Unlike Whatsapp web, you need not to open the Whatsapp desktop app every time on your browser. You will be asked to download the app once and from next time you can start using whatsapp on pc just like installing the Whatsapp app on your phone.

How to use Whatsapp desktop app?

Step 1: Download Whatsapp desktop app from the official website.

Step 2: Install the set-up in your device.

Step 3: Click on the icon which appears on your screen, you will find a barcode on the app.

Step4: Connect to internet on your Smartphone and open whatsapp.

Step 5: Go to Whatsapp -> settings -> Whatsapp web in your Smartphone.

Step 6: Scan the barcode which appears in your desktop app using your mobile phone camera.

Step 7: Wait for some time, you will find your chats in your PC or laptop.

Things to know while using Whatsapp on pc through desktop app

  • Whatsapp desktop app runs only if your laptop or pc runs on Windows 8 or higher. Similarly for Mac, your OS should be iOS X 10.9 or higher.
  • Whatsapp desktop app has desktop notification feature and supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can delete, archive chats in desktop app.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is connected to internet. Whatsapp desktop app also works like whatsapp web by mirroring data from your phone to PC.
  • Logout form your whatsapp app when you are back to Smartphone.

How is Whatsapp desktop app different from Whatsapp web?

  • No need to keep a separate tab opened in your browser for whatsapp on pc.
  • Whatsapp desktop app is bit faster than Whatsapp web.