Top Ten Apps for iPhone

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1. Camera 360 ultimate

This incredible photo-taking app is a stunner for iphone users.Fluidic interface with breathtaking filters,fantastic skin enhancers  and a tons of photo editing tools.First choice of photo app for over 300 million users. From selfies to professional clicks this is the must have app for everybody and moreover it’s FREE.

 2. Whatsapp

Undoubtedly this the best cross platform messenger, a certain SMS killer! saves you a lot of speed in sharing photos,instant voice messages,audio notes and everything you possibly imagine to do on a smart phone.Supported with group chats and powered by icloud backup this revolutionary app will always find a place in any list.

 3. Oplayer pro

Unfortunately iphones by tradition are not supposed to play flv,mkv,3gp or any other format except MP4.Itunes store is flooded with a lot of video playing apps but none close to oplayer pro.Unlimited file transfers, supported with subtitles and airplay sharing feature.This app does the impossible on the iphone with ease without letting you to spend a penny. So no more mp4 convertors jus plug it and play your movies.

 4. Zomato

Confused on a weekend to choose a restaurant? Confused about the quality of the food served in restaurants? Confused to choose a romantic dating spot with your lover? Confused for a tourist to find out a good hotel?  Well this app puts an end to all your confusions. If you’re a foodie then “Zomato will be your new Facebook”.trendy interface with various cities included across all over the country this app is surely a must have.

 5. Scribd

Lazy to carry books? Wanna read books on a travel? On a eco-friendly note want to save trees? Then this is best online library for all book lovers. Fiction, poetry, mystery, comics, sports, autobiography and all the epic novels you can find it here. You can also save the documents on your device and you Can read it offline too in your iphone. In short a “Poor man’s library”

 6. Fotorus

Ever wondered designing a cover for a magazine in your phone  or a eye catching profile picture for your  account or a stylish collage for weddings &birthdays ? then this is the app you got to go. With a lot of detailing and an amazing user interface this app of iphone does more than your expectation. you got to spend a little to get all the themes but the lite version does exactly what we want.

 7. Shazam

“The Sherlock holmes app” – an app which finds out everything. Be it a 1970’s music or the upcoming album this app just figures out everything. Clearly outwits soundhound in numerous things. An app which is very handy for music lovers deserved to be in our top ten.kudos to the designers.

 8. Flipboard

What happens when social networks  meets newspapers ? the result  is “Flipboard”. Created in an astonishing user interface it has everything from celebrity  to censors. This app will keep you interested and updated with its look and user experiences and imparts knowledge about the current happening seamlessly.

 9. Flipkart

Gone are the days where you tirelessly roam for shopping .with the world’s fashion and electronics shopping  stores  shrunk into our palms Flipkart app does an extremely great job by saving your this app for free and get exciting offers on flipkart. Dont forget to redeem the codes they are way too exciting. The best online shopping app at present.

 10. Twitter for iphone

Among the rapid outburst of social networks twitter is a great boon to express our thoughts to the world. Flawless design,easy connectivity,simple yet powerful app.easily betters tweetcaster and tweetbot and does a fair job.Download and start tweeting!!!!!!!



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