Top 10 Horror Comedy Tamil Movies You will Enjoy Watching

Horror Comedy Movies!

Yup! It has now been the choice of people who likes to experience the thrill in horror movies as well as to have fun with it.

There is an abstract Tamil horror movie list which is present in Tamil cinema, Yet, few entertain the movie lovers through horror comedy that people really enjoyed watching.

Let us see some of the top horror comedy movies in Tamil that people has given success when they are screened.

10. Muni

Muni is the best horror comedy breakthrough in Tamil cinema. Directed and acted by Raghava Lawerence, this movie has gained humongous response among Tamil audience.

The Young man who fears going out after 6 PM encounters a horror experience.

The success of this movie also pays the way for the sequels of horror comedy movies directed and acted by Raghava Lawerence in later time.

9. Aranmanai

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Sundar C in his own style of humor has made this ‘Aranmani’ as a Tamil horror comedy entertainer.

The movie welcomes every class of audience who enjoyed the performance of renowned comedians Santhanam, Kovai Sarala, Vinay, Lakshmi Rai and yet others who were put together in a greatly entertaining way.

The movie delivers chiller sense through Andrea who was known to be glamorous before aranmani, Through this movie, she tries to prove something horror through her transformation in the film.

8. Kanchana 2

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A television company haunts for a horror setup to raise their TRP rating. They set up a spirit haunting home but eventually ended up with the real ghosts.

Sequel to the blockbuster Kanchana, this series is the one and only horror movie series in tamil cinema. Of course, The entire series is a horror comedy.

The movie had a terrific opening at the box office. It added value to the Kanchana series with its decent horror and comic portions.

7. Yaamiruka Bayamey

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Do you think all devils are threatening and blood-wrenching? Maybe not, this movie revolves around a comic and yet horrific spirit playing an unmatchable character to give life and soul.

Unforgettable ‘Panimoonjivaaya’ sets everyone burst into laughter. The movie lacks a stellar cast at the time of release. Yet, has a pretty decent box office record.

6. Darling

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The ghosts of a married couple haunt the visitors of a resort.

A well made horror comic flick that served in entertaining all classes of audience.

This has also been made as one of the best horror comedy movies in tamil horror movies list. The second half is a sure shot laugh riot.

5. Pizza

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This was a trendsetter in horror thriller in Tamil movies list. The pizza delivery boy gets trapped in a haunted house. An aftermath of the haunt, the boy finds a reason, thus forms the entire story.

This movie sets a benchmark in horror comedy movie making in Tamil cinema.

The talented short film director Karthik Subbaraj nailed the movie with simple horror cinematum with the performance of vijay Sethupathy.

4. Yaavarum Nalam

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An urban horror thriller based upon the parallel happenings on a television’s serial and in real life happenings.

Intriguing and intense in delivering an obvious edge of suspense in a horror movie, Yaavarum Nalam does the magic perfectly on screen.

Madhavan plays the lead role in the movie. On technical aspect, this horror film is well made to deserve in a list of tamil horror movie.

3. Arundhathi

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Anushka’s best ever performance till date and arguably the best-written screenplay for a horror movie.

This was made in Telugu and later dubbed in tamil to became the best tamil horror movie.

This tamil horror film is about a womaniser who’s been killed and buried inside a castle by the lead lady and the ogre is waiting for its turn after decades.

The movie certainly has that fear factor to engage the audience.

2. Kanchana

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The choreographer turned actor Raghava Lawrence incorporated all the ingredients of horror commercial comedy in the form of Kanchana which makes a great mark in tamil horror movies list.

A transgender evil spirit’s saga with rib ticking moments from the actors was the highlight of this paisa vasool entertainer.

1. Chandramukhi

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A courtyard dancer burnt brutally by a king for knowing her best-kept love affair, and her spirit waiting to avenge the ‘king vettayaraja’.

This sets a superstar benchmark in horror comedy movies genre in Tamil cinema history. Rajnikanth and Vadivelu combo rocked the theaters and went on a marathon run of over 700 days.