Top 10 Famous Rajini Dialogues That Tells You What Life Is


Superstar Rajinikhanth always inspires people in his movies as well as in his real life. Everyone are fond of Rajini’s punch dialogues. But there are some other Rajini dialogues that could teach us what life is. These famous Rajini dialogues are from his super hit tamil movies. These Rajini dialogues could be the biggest magic felt if you realize the real meaning of these dialogues.

10. Lingaa

This is one of the famous Rajini dialogues that motivates you to try your level best in life. More such Rajini dialogues present in his film that could encourage even a normal porter to become a business man.


9. Padayappa

Another motivating Rajini dialogues from his massive hit movie padayappa. Rajini dialogues in padayappa are more famous among people. Most of padayappa Rajini dialogues are frequently used even by kids.



8. Dharmadurai

One of the famous Rajini dialogues that gives the exact definition of life. Rajinikhanth being betrayed by his own brothers in Dharmadurai movie advises his brothers at the climax of the movie by these words. One of the most prominent Rajini dialogues that could let us to realize the meaning of life.


7. Baba

This is one of the Rajini dialogues that could give you the answer to the question ‘ how to live a happy life ?’ This Rajini dialogue can be seen in tamil movie Baba when Rajinikhanth meets Babaji in himalayas in climax asking for the above question. This dialogue would appear as if Babaji answer to Rajini’s question. ┬áThis creates impact when heard, since this dialogue will be in Rajini’s own voice for Babaji.


6.  Kuselan

Now-a-days we people spends our own money only for our self. This is one of the famous Rajini dialogues in kuselan that explains life in a punch. The scene actually appear as a shooting scene in the movie with Nayanthara.


5. Linga

Here comes again Linga. This is one of the powerful Rajini dialogues in the most powerful scene. When Raja Lingeswaran betrayed by his own people, he would lead a normal life with his wife. At the time when the people who betrayed him realizes and come to the king asking for apologies. Our superstar would utter most powerful dialogues which got a huge applause from audience.


4. Basha

This is one of the famous Rajini dialogues which are travelling over centuries. Even today 90 percent of people uses this Rajini dialogue at their bad times.


3. Padayappa

Again Padayappa. Yes! everyone agress with this Rajini dialogue. This is one of the Rajini dialogues that gives a good advice to all men and women living in this world.


2. Endhiran

Most heart-breaking scene in the tamil movie Endhiran. When chitti was asked to dismantle itself, the robot utter these words which are best suited in today’s world.


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