Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai – Private

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GET! SET! GO! The race for entering into top 10 engineering colleges  in Chennai have been flagged off. If you are passionate in engineering, then you should filter the numerous list of engineering colleges in Chennai to find the best college to pursue your dream.

Are you the kind who is interested in scoring alone? Are you the kind who wants to learn the real engineering? Or are you the kind who want to be all-rounder in all dynamics of life from studies to extra-curricular activities? Based on who you are and what your priority is, the top private engineering colleges in Chennai will vary in the ranking list.

Here is a list of Private Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai segregated based on

  • Infrastructure
  • Hostel amenities
  • Teaching style
  • Extra curriculum
  • Platform to explore
  • Fees
  • Placement opportunities
  • Dress code

There are a few features which are the same in all the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai:


The campuses are well built and maintained. Its architectural beauty will make you spell bound. With magnificent buildings the campuses will appear as a Disney palace. Spacious classrooms with good ventilations. Almost all classes has air conditioners. Labs are large and is equipped with all the equipment. Lab facilities are remarkable. A walk at these green lawns will rejuvenate young engineers at any point of time. World class infrastructure! Placement opportunities: These colleges makes sure that at least 80% of the students are placed in good companies before leaving college. These top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai also offer multiple placement opportunities. Maximum companies are invited and classic training is given for placements. If one contributes 30% in preparation, then your placement is guaranteed.

Teaching Style:

Do not expect any college to spoon feed you and they will never do that. Staff are certainly good. But all staff do not train you the way you expect them to and at the same time portions may or may not be covered. It also partially depends on how you conduct yourself in the classroom. There are few top self-financing top 10 engineering colleges  in Chennai which provides you all the study material in exam point of view. Those study material may help in scoring good in Anna university exams but only when you master the subject it will help you in the long run.

Hostel Amenities:

Shared rooms with study tables, cupboard and cot. Housekeeping will help you in maintaining the cleanliness of the room as you would wish it to be. Rest rooms are cleaned every day and maintained hygienically. Sanitation is up to the mark in the top 10 engineering colleges  in Chennai. All that you should do is adapt to the environment and adjust to share the facilities.

Dress Code:

Formals for both boys and girls. Clean shaven with shoe socks is a rule in all the top self-financing engineering colleges in Chennai. In certain colleges you will be sent home if you are not in proper dress code.

Extra-Curricular activities:

Symposiums, cultural, technical festivals both inter and intra level are conducted throughout the year and they ensure that their students are kept occupied. These events boost the innovativeness of the students and helps them master their technical skills.


Tuition fees + transport/hostel fees + conference/symposium organizing fees + miscellaneous = total fees. The liberty that they give to their students is the only feature that differs in each of the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai.

10. Rajalakshmi Engineering College

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One of the silent yet vibrant in its own way is Rajalakshmi Engineering College. With its unique style this college has topped the list of top 10 engineering colleges  in Chennai. Liberty to young engineers: It gives all freedom for its students to develop into creative and efficient professionals. Students are expected to be punctual. Peaceful education in a peaceful environment! Students are allowed to experiment in and out their skillsets.

9. Vellamal

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Built in a vast area in a less traffic area, this college is picturesque with great vegetation. Academic Greatness is the only motive of this best self-financing college as well as one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai. Liberty to young engineers: Steve Jobs once said, that the only way to take control of someone, is to let them loose and keep a watch on them. Velamal Engineering College gives you all liberty to experiment and explore in academics and extra-curricular activities. But boundary conditions are not be forgotten. One can excel if they utilize the offers and opportunities provided wisely. One of the best colleges for engineering.

8. Sai Ram

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This college is one of the best among top 10 engineering colleges  in Chennai and has breathtaking view. With its scintillating beauty it will mesmerize anyone who visits it. Even people who don’t aspire to become engineer will want to study in this college just by a single glance of its landscape. Liberty to young engineers: The College strives to provide great technical knowledge to all its students. When a college wants academic excellence it always imposes dictatorship like rules. “No” to electronic gadgets. Decency, decorum and silence is always expected to be followed by the students and the visitors.

7. St. Joseph

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St. Joseph Engineering College is similar to JPR institution and is in the list of top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai. It mentors and cares for their students. It provides all the tools for their students to visualize their visions. Liberty to young engineers: Conduct and behaviour of the students are expected to abide by the rules framed by the college. Cellphones are not allowed inside the campus. This college guarantees all round personality development of their students and thus complete freedom is given in terms of implementing their innovative ideas. It also acts as angel investors if the ideas are worth a try.

6. JPR

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Located in OMR road, this college is one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai that never misses to hit the news at least a year. This is because of their motto “Rules, discipline and decorum” which is too difficult for this generation to follow. But their principle impresses parents and thus it is a definite choice in the list of top engineering colleges is JPR. Except for their strict rules, every other factor can be credited 100%. Liberty to young engineers: As already described about discipline and decorum of this college, one cannot think much of the freedom in terms of using electronic gadgets in the campus. Communication even between the boys and Girls is a strict ‘NO”. If you are caught doing any mischiefs, then be reminded of severe punishments. But all these stuffs does not interfere with one’s wish to explore and grow as this college provides a platform to foster the growth of their young aspirants.

5. Panimalar

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This college with its white colored buildings will resemble Mysore palace when lightened the same way. It will never cease to grab the vision of any passers by. Even when you travel at a speed of 60 km/ hr you will for certain halt a second, stop and turn back just to get a view of this magnificent beauty of this college. Liberty to young engineers: Rules and regulations are many. Some feel comfortable but some feel that their rules are overriding their freedom. Discipline is mandatory. They have deployed spy to monitor your activities. Food and transport is compulsory for all. Food will be extraordinary. Intra level programs are many but participation in inter level competitions is restricted. If you choose this college, your career is guaranteed in this most promising top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai.

4. RMD

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If RMK is in the discussion of the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai then RMD is also into the topic and vice versa. RMK’s photocopy is RMD engineering college which is well built and maintained beyond imagination. Liberty to young engineers: As already mentioned RMD tailgates the principles and rules followed by RMK. Do’s and Don’ts in both the colleges are the same. Central mess and food provided for the students is one of the remarkable feature of these colleges. If you interview any of their students in person, they would say without any hesitation that just for the delicious food that they are served, they had come to college without fail even when there was a want for a leave.

3. RMK

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Silent yet vibrant are the engineers who graduate from this college. This college should not be missed whenever there is a discussion of the best top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai. Liberty to young engineers: RMK believes that character of a student is the vital part in their career. It does not allow any electronic gadgets inside the campus. This rule applies for both staff and visitors. Visitors will be asked yo switch off their phone if they want to enter the premise. visitors are well treated. Anyone would be mesmerized by their hospitality. They do not easily allow their students to participate in inter level competitions. Attending symposiums/ technical festivals / culturals is a difficult task. They conduct intra level symposiums, seminars and cultural but it will too formal compared to other colleges. This may also be known as one of the strict engineering college among top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai.

2. Sri Venkateswara Engineering College

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Though it is in the outskirts of the city, it has not missed to hit the list of top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai. Liberty to young engineers: Discipline is the first priority. This college allows all permissible freedom to their students and at the same time has a hold of them too. They allow them to participate in all inter level competitions. They also encourage students to engage in sports.

1. SSN Top among Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai

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Located amidst the city, this college is one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai which should not be missed for certain. Liberty to young engineers: Students are allowed to spread their wings and fly high to any extent. They provide the best platform for their young engineers to innovate and experiment. They also support their students in all means. All kinds of technology devices are allowed inside the campus. This proves their belief and their confidence that they have in their students. Feel proud to be in this most promising top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai.












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