Top 10 Best and Cool Whatsapp Tricks 2015 Interesting For You

cool whatsapp tricks
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Whatsapp has been one of the most hot and popular application in smartphones whether it’s android or iOS or Blackberry or Windows. This is being enjoyed by all generation in spite of age. Every smartphone users engage their maximum time with whatsapp than Facebook or any other applications. It has been observed that an average whatsapp users open their application 25 times per day. In such a crazy state of usage you may feel interesting to know these unusual tricks that could be done in your whatsapp application.

10. Hide Your Profile Picture 

This is one of the easiest and cool whatsapp tricks that enables the user to disable profile picture for certain contacts. It you are not comfortable with displaying your profile picture to all. This simple whatsapp feature enable you to perform this trick. Just follow these simple steps to enjoy this cool whatsapp tricks

  • Whatsapp –> Settings
  • Settings –> Account –> Privacy
  • Privacy –> Profile Photo
    cool whatsapp tricks
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In Profile Photo choose your favorite contacts alone to be shown instead of everyone.

9. Disable Whatsapp Blue Tick Marks

For read messages we are getting blue tick marks. Uncolored tick will be there if the text is sent however blue colored tick mark will be there if your text is read by your friend. If you wish that blue tick mark should not be shown You can perform this whatsapp hacking tricks. But this can be done only in the beta version of whatsapp i,e whatsapp version 2.11.444. If you don’t have this version simply follow the below steps.

  • This version is not available in playstore. You have to Download this version of whatsapp apk in the official site only.
  • After installing open whatsapp –> Open settings by tapping the three vertical dots on upper right side.
  • Settings –> Account –> Privacy
  • Now uncheck Read receipts
cool whatsapp tricks
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8. Use Whatsapp on PC

This is one of the cool whatsapp tricks you can enjoy by this simple step. The only requirement is that you need to install bluestacks in your PC or laptop. This is nothing but a official android emulator software for pc and laptops.


7. Create Fake Conversation

This is the one of the fun filled whatsapp hacking tricks. People create fun using the fake conversation. Yes this cool trick of whatsapp can be performed using this excellent app available in playstore Yazzy.


6. Multiple Whatsapp Account in One Phone

Yes ! you can use multiple whatsapp account in single phone. Your smartphone needs an android app named OGWhatsapp. You have to uninstall your present version with all your backups then install OGWhatsapp with your old number. After this is done, now re-install whatsapp app from playstore and start using it with your new number.


Similar app known as switchme android app is also available. But you need to root your android device before installing this switchme.

5. Hide Whatsapp Photos and Videos From Gallery

This cool whatsapp tricks can be done in both android and ios. Your android is generally a Linux based operating system. When you add any dot (period) in front of a folder, the folder gets hidden. Similarly you have to do in your android device.

cool whatsapp tricks
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  • Open your whatsapp folder in your SD card (Use ES File Explorer recommended )
  • SD Card –> Whatsapp –> Media
  • Whatsapp Images –> Rename it with dot (.Whatsapp Images)

Now check back in your gallery. It won’t display your whatsapp images. Similarly you can do for videos also.

For iOS, Its a quite cool whatsapp tricks inbuild in the feature. You could understand well if you see he below image.

cool whatsapp tricks
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4. Cool Whatsapp Tricks to Recover Deleted Messages:

An analyses says that an average whatsapp user sends nearly 3000 messages, upload 41 photos, 7 videos and 14 voices per month. In such a scenario, one may have more chances to delete the message or conversation which may seem important. This awesome whatsapp trick feature helps you to restore those back to your inbox.

It has been made that your whatsapp application automatically backs-up your every conversation at 4.00 am every day. So you need not to worry even if you have uninstalled your whatsapp application. When you re-install the whatsapp application with your same registered mobile number it will asks to restore the backup messages that was made earlier, so you can easily get back your messages.

If you delete the messages manually and wish to retrieve, you can follow these instructions:

  • Open you SD card in your file explorer
  • Open the whatsapp folder as Databases. This contains all the sent and received messages for the last 7 days.
  • In Databases look for the file msgstore.db.crypt
  • Open these file in a simple text editor and you can read all your messages.
    whatsapp tricks

3. Whatsapp Tricks to Change the Theme You Use

You may feel bored to use whatsapp with the default theme in android. This cannot be changed but you can enjoy various colours of themes for your various chat conversation by using Whatsapp plus holo. This may not be available in playstore but can be downloaded as .apk file from internet. This would not affect any of your feature and you can enjoy the ultimate style of whatsapp.

2. Whatsapp Tricks to Hide Two Images in One

This whatsapp trick fascinates the user and creates fun among the friends by hiding two images as single. This could let your friend to click an image you send and when he clicks, it will appear as some other image. This can be made with Magiapp tricks for whatsapp available in your Google play store.

1. Cool Whatsapp Tricks to Change Others Profile Picture

This whatsapp tricks are cool that you can fool your friend by showing him that you have changed his DP.

  • Choose an Image that you could like to use
  • Save the image in your whatsapp folder in SD CardProfile pictures. This could let you over-write the existing image file.
  • Disconnect your internet connection and now show your friend that his profile pic has been changed in the whatsapp.

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These whatsapp trick could delight you with more fantastic experience with your crazy application. Enjoy!