10 Best Tamil Romantic Movies You Must Watch With Your Partner

Have you ever felt while watching on silver-screen, certain movies oozes out with love and romances, brings those nostalgic emotions about our first crush, first love or even dreadful heart breaks?? Well, this is the collection of those best Tamil romantic movies which will bring us those times before our eyes and the emotions !!

10. Vaaranam Aayiram

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A cliche-breaking romantic tale of a youngster across his three-phase of his life. Heart-wrenching emotions wrapped up with beautiful onscreen emotions portrayed by Surya making his authority stamped as one of the best ever narrated Tamil romantic movies in Tamil cinema industry ultimately ended with a handful of Filmfare and silverware awards.

9. Kaadhaluku Mariyaathai – Evergreen Among Tamil Romantic Movies

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Whenever you think of Tamil romantic movies, This late 1990’s blockbuster throws light on the difficulties of an inter-religion marriage. With tons of family and friends involved with the script, this movie turned out to be a bigger turning point for actor Vijay and given him a great breakthrough.

8. Mouna Ragam

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This yesteryear classic which etched its legacy in the Tamil industry as a perfect screen-played Tamil romantic movie directed by Maniratnam was a benchmark in movie making. The plot revolves around a married couple struggling to get their wandering tracts in order forms the crux of the movie.

7. Sillunu oru kaadhal

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Spiced up with realistic incidents involving his past love between a big shot’s daughter and spilled of secrecy to his wife and what happens next? – Forms the core of the movie. This movie was recognized among the Tamil romantic movies list. Real-life romantic couples Jyothika and Suriya ease their role well.

6. Minnale

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A crackling debut by Gautham Vasudev Menon in his stylish portrayal of an engineer facing his challenges in love and enmity. Sensational songs by Harris Jayaraj, heart throbbing Madhavan playing the protagonist and Reema Sen as his lady love did justice and served us an evergreen romantic cocktail thus stands in the heart of youth as one of the trend icon in Tamil romantic movies in Kollywood.

5. Raja Rani

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Came at the time where Tamil cinema was in a drought of love and romance. This Atlee film was like a bolt from blue. “There’s a life after a love failure” this forms the theme where the comeback queen Nayanthara has nailed it absolutely. Despite glitches, this movie entertains and leaves an impact as one of the most beautiful Tamil romantic movies of all the times.

4. Bombay

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Set up in the period of the post-Bombay blast in the early 1990’s, this masterpiece by Mani Ratnam is about a bond between a Hindu and a Muslim and their resilience and their revolt for the love. AR Rahman peaked to unscalable heights with this movie and garnered several silver wares. Bombay is not only a romantic movie in Bombay but also one of the most successful Tamil romantic movies in Chennai too.

3. Vazhakku Enn 18

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There are hundreds of Tamil romantic movies that has a cinematic ending. Very few actually brings out the darker side of the love and this national award winning film is interlaced with extreme happenings makes into the list.

2. Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya

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Hardly a list would be there without this film. Simbu’s career best and Trisha’s dream role coupled with the maestro AR Rahman tracks reluctantly makes it into the list of Tamil romantic movies.

1. Alaipayuthey – Ever Recognized Tamil Romantic Movie

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It would be unfair to put any movies on this classic love tale. This blockbuster is an institution for future filmmakers. Madhavan and Shalini excelled in their role and the plot is extremely fresh with a spell of magic at every frame.

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