Top 10 Best Business Apps For iPhone To Every Busy Bee

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Business is not only mean for business men. Those who have desire for a business and decided to be a business man are Business people. Every business people want their time to be effectively measured and well managed. Today we could say that the entire world revolves not only by gravitational force but also with the smartphone force which are expected to be like a oxygen for next gen. The success of smartphones are those that their apps. Google play and Apple Store have thousands of apps available for doing a particular thing. Similarly we have huge number of business apps available for iPhone. But it is necessary that we use the right and best business apps available in App Store. The below are the best business apps for iPhone that you can try using for the betterment of your business.

10. FB Page Manager

best-business-apps-for-iphone-fb-page-managerToday every business has a business page in facebook. Driving quality traffic to your website as well as promoting your business are made easier through facebook. Facebook page manager is one of the important tool which is a part of best business apps for iPhone. For a quite successful business page you need to be engaged with your audience in Facebook. For this your FB page manager app for iPhone greatly helps you. If you want an active Facebook page for your business. This is one of the apt and best business apps for iPhone you must have. Through this you can post whatever you like as well as express your thoughts through by updating your status instantly.

9. LinkedIn

best-business-apps-for-iphone-linkedinLinkedIn is the largest professional network available online. Everyone readily accepts that LinkedIn are very much useful in business for an organization. The availability of LinkedIn as an app in the smartphones make it as one of the best business apps available for iPhone. This app can be known as business app since it promotes interaction among the professional group of people and also let people hire the right person for their business.

8. Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the recent innovation in data world. This can be one of the best business apps for iPhone. Dropbox greatly supports your business by sharing large files and data in your account and also let sharing with your business people. Similar to Google drive and Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox revolutionize the data storing and data sharing world. If you want something to drive your data for safety and security in your business. Dropbox app is always for you to facilitate your need with the cloud storage.

7. Camscanner

best-business-apps-for-iphone-camscannerCamscanner success goes with its users. Many of us want the digitized version of document we have. This need is fulfilled by an amazing app called camscanner. This is one of the best business apps for iPhone since it is very much useful for business people. Business is nothing without documents. And if you want to scan some important document you have instantly, then Camscanner could be your best choice. Camscanner also could give you the ultimate output of scan for documents as well as photos that could be used for your business. And if you wanna take a print out of it, you can use this Camscanner output stored in your iPhone. Camscanner is also available in android and windows.

6. Adobe Reader

best-business-apps-for-iphone-adobeComing to documents again. Everyone believes PDF are the safest source of having a perfect document. Business people often use protected document. Though we have number of PDF viewer available for iPhone. This Adobe reader is one of the reliable and best business apps for iPhone exclusively designed to handle PDF files. We cannot see a single iPhone of business people without Adobe because they know its value.

5. CamCard

best-business-apps-for-iphone-camcardCamcard is one of the best business apps for iPhone loved by more than 1 million users. When you meet someone important for your business, you may need to include them in your contact. But coming to business, most of the business people would prove their identity through a business card. And you cannot keep all the business cards in your wallet. To make the task easier, we have this awesome business app for iphone which will read the business card information and let you to store in your iphone. If you are a business person, this business app will be greatly useful to maintain your business contacts.

4. Any To Do

best-business-apps-for-iphone-any-to-doManaging a business needs efficient time management and task management. Though we have number of task management and task remainder apps for iPhone. This any to do is one of the best business apps for iPhone available to remind you of your task. The UI of this app is very much user friendly to manage your To-be-done tasks in a more organized manner. And if you are done with your task in your business time, you can simple shake your iPhone to erase the feed. A must try business app for iPhone.

3. Cloud Magic

best-business-apps-for-iphone-cloudmagicIf you are tired of managing your emails that pop-out from your desktop or smartphone, Try this business app. Yup ! Cloud magic is one of the most promising best business apps for iphone designed to manage your emails. You can sync all your email accounts irrespective of gmail or yahoo or outlook. Cloud magic also gives you the notification in the most organized way that you want. The latest update of Cloud magic make the app available for Apple watch too.

2. Money Control

best-business-apps-for-iphone-money-controlThough iphone gives you the accurate info about stock market in Stocks app. Money control is one among the top business apps for iphone. Money control as per its name gives you the control over the money you have in your stock wallet. Money control also educates you by providing deep analysis of financial market that could help you to manage your money as well as your business better.

1. Evernote – Top among the Best Business Apps

best-business-apps-for-iphone-evernoteEvernote is one of the best business apps for iPhone available in AppStore. Evernote is used by many business people in which they make note of multiple things in the form of text, chat, audio, photos and reminders. Evernote can be highly used for business purpose by upgrading to premium. The term Evernote is made for this app in such a way that the note you make for your business can be available ever. Evernote request for creating an account for you through which you can sync your notes to the iPhone or iPad or any other system you use. This app is not only meant for business but are very much useful for business purpose. Evernote is also available in android and windows.