Top 10 Benefits Of Carpooling

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When you see about Carpooling, your mind would ask you the question as “What is Car Pooling.?

Carpooling is sharing the unoccupied seats in a car during the travel with others. Carpooling has become the ideal solution to many problems encountered in today’s world. Then if you ask what benefit could we get from Carpooling.? Here are the top 10 benefits of carpooling.

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Carpooling Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits of carpooling is that it reduces thousands and thousands of money involved in the drive. If you could share the empty seats in your car, then you could save more. Carpooling helps you to share the cost of fuel. Parking cost also can be shared.

The benefit of carpooling helps you to save money in your wallet!

Carpooling Save Fuel Energy

One of the benefits of carpooling is that it cuts the amount of fuel used. The fuel consumed by two cars individually could be saved more than 50% if the commuters share their journey in a single care through carpooling.

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Conservation of energy is one of the greatest benefits of carpooling!

Reduces Traffic Congestion

One could reduce the travel time drastically as the carpooling benefits one by reducing the traffic congestion. If not for carpooling, every carpooling participant would take his/her own ride and this adds to more vehicles. Benefits of carpooling reduces the traffic on the roads. This leads to hassles travel and stress free commute.

Cuts Down Pollution

Benefits of carpooling includes reducing air pollution to a great extent. The greenhouse gas CO2 that is emitted from your cars could be reduced if carpooling is adopted for your transport to and from work. Reduction in carbon emission is one of the important benefits of carpooling which is unexpected!

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Carpooling Makes Your Travel Convenient

Carpooling offers you more options to do other works and make use of your commute. If you aren’t driving and if you are one of the participant of carpooling, then you could be beneficiary of carpooling. You could use the travel time productively for your other jobs like editing documents, checking mails etc.

Carpooling Promises You Good Health

As reduction in air pollution is one of the benefits of carpooling, it implies that it helps you in limiting the risk of lung and cardio vascular diseases. It is a proven fact that air polluted by the emission of greenhouse gases causes a number of health issues. It could be less stressful when you choose carpooling rather than driving on your own.

Company During Your Commute

When one is speaking of the benefits of carpooling, one should never miss this point. It provides you with new friends. Benefits of carpooling is that it provide you with companions during your travel/ journey to your destination.

Carpooling is one of the best way to make new friends!

Insurance Companies Offer Discounts

There are many insurance companies that offer special discounts or offers to people who are part of carpooling program. Special parking spots are reserved for car poolers.

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If You Don’t Own a Car or If You Don’t Want to Drive

Then these two can be achieved by just opting carpooling. This is one of the many benefits of carpooling.

Some Organizations Offer Rewards To Carpoolers

There are few companies or organizations that encourage carpooling. The carpoolers should register in these organizations. The companies/ institutions monitors the carpoolers and rewards them according to their plans.

It is welcomed by people who are aware of these benefits of carpooling.