10 Unexposed Things Chennai Rain Exposed To The World

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Started before Diwali 2015, The unstoppable rains continue to roar all over the city and some parts of state in Tamil Nadu. People are really helpful to each other in lending their hands towards the welfare of fellowmen. In such instance we have already done an analysis about the cause for such critical state of the city even after almost a month as ‘Why Chennai Rain Drastically Made Us To Float Like In Boat.? – Reasons Behind Heavy Water Logging‘. In addition let us also realize some of the unexposed truths and facts that the chennai rain exposed to the people of Tamilnadu as well as to the entire world.

Poor Road Conditions

We already know about our state’s road condition. As already stated in ‘10 Social Change in India that Are Not Changed Actually yet‘ that our indian roads will have their rebirth only at the time of election and it will have its life healthier for 6 months. But now we could witness that the roads were not even 6 months. The condition of even newly laid roads were also this.

chennai rain exposed poor road condition
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Poor Drainage System

The most intolerable thing is that drainage water being entered into the place where we used to sit, eat, and play. Yes, such a poor drainage system was designed in a metropolitan city.

chennai rain entered house
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Broken The Barrier Between Rich and Poor

We could see almost every actors who are literally made rich by the people money stepped outside home to help the needful people. There are some rich Tamil Actors Who Proved Them As Real Heroes Helping Chennai In Flood. People who lost their houses and property in rain, lined up for food even if they were rich till yesterday.

chennai rain broken barrier rich poor
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Made People To Think Whether TN Government is ‘By the people, For the people, Of the people,’

Basic civic amenities were not met. But the government went branding about themselves. Don’t know why.

People complaint that not even a single MLA, MP, Councillors were seen on roads. Then why they were appointed.? For what they are getting paid.? The Chennai rain has really invoked the people’s mind to get a clear picture about the government that has formed and to be formed in future.

chennai rain exposed government
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Idea Of Buying Lands and Flats in Chennai

Hope the modern question usually put forward to the bridegroom during marriage proposal of “Do you have your own flat or house in Chennai.?” could vanish. Thanks to Chennai Rain which has exposed the value of sub urban localities, towns and villages in and around Chennai.

chennai rain exposed flats lands
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Power Of Youth

Everyone shared on social media like “May Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam be alive today to see his promising youth force” Yes, before the Indian Army and NDRF arrived Chennai, Youth have started playing their real role to the nation.

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chennai rain exposed powerful youth
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Importance of Trees

Hope atleast hereafter we won’t cut down trees to expand our houses.

chennai rain exposed trees importance
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Money Isn’t Everything

Chennai Rain exposed the real value of money. Even the new BMW Car which was parked near house was no more. What about your new iPhone 6S, new Laptop, Fridge, AC, etc.,? Everyone has to stand in line to get atleast biscuits for survival.

chennai rain exposed money is not everything
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The below person who is working in a renowned IT company wrote on his own.

chennai rain exposed money is not everything
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Godliness in Human

Many of us really have tendency to help others. Chennai rain exposed the fellowship and love of mankind. Yes, No more discrimination, we all are human.

chennai rain exposed humanity
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Real Value of Chennai

People outside the Chennai are praying for the normalcy of Chennai. May be in positive or negative sense, now you will know the ‘Real Value of Chennai’.

chennai rain exposed real value
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