Theri Movie Review And Rating With Postives And Negatives

theri movie review

‘Theri’ the most expected tamil movie of 2016 is all set for its release on April 14. And now the day has come. Everywhere in the city you could witness the gang of youth rushing towards the theaters, celebrating the day of tamil new year with their favorite hero Illayathalapathy vijay’s movie. Some are quite upset because of no tickets. Yes, the bookings for Theri movie was started a week ahead and almost all the theaters were houseful for the first 3 days in chennai.

Crew Of Theri

About Who Are They Latest Hits
Director Atlee Raja Rani
Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu Thuppaki
Actor Vijay Thuppaki,Kathi
Actress Samantha, Amy Jackson Thangamagan
Music GV Prakash Visaranai

So everyone of us know about these awesome crew and combo of Theri. Some of Ilayathalapathy’s fan were worried about the heroine combo. Lol ! the combo which does not work well in Thangamagan. But they are comforting themselves by thinking about the Atlee’s capability of handling the dual heroine as in Raja Rani. So you might ask how about in Theri? I could say yes of course it was pictured well but not as upto Raja Rani level of actress combo.
And you may ask these following questions to those who have watched theri movie and could give their views as a neutral audience.

So how about the story of Theri movie?

Well. An packed commercial meal served well with the necessary spice and edit through Atlee’s magic.

So is the music ‘Thering’ in Theri movie?

Atlee preference for GV than ARR works perfectly well. And the sound of whistle and claps on the Theri theme BGM when Vijay arrives on the screen is as usual as Kaththi and Thuppaki.

Is the screenplay keep the audience engaged throughout?

Though the story looks predictable, i could like to put forth these questions. Hadn’t you curious about Regina’s past in Raja Rani? Hadn’t you curious when Manik was suspected to be as Basha by the police commissioner? If so, you could have been to this too.

Dude what about our Thalapathy’s performance in Theri movie?

As usual Vijay’s energy to entertain well added with few emotions at times.

What people say about Theri movie after watching premiere show ?

Key Highlights of Theri Movie
  • The way anger expressed towards rape in a common man’s perspective
  • Ghost technique of police
  • Life of exploited child who are forced to labour
  • Importance to family
  • Parenting the child in right way
Positives of Theri Movie
  • Vijay’s heat on screen
  • BGM
  • Baby Nainika
  • Stunts and dialogues
  • Cinematography
Negatives of Theri Movie
  • Starts well, bit slow in between at 1st half.
  • Reminds tamil movies like Chathriyan, Honest Raj and Basha.
  • Extra added sentimental flavor
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