Tamil Nadu People Reaction to Their New Chief Minister Palanisami

tn people react to edapaddi palanisami

Tamil Nadu continues to be a state of muddle since it lost its former Chief Minister Selvi J. Jayalalithaa. In this realm of bewilderment, the ruling party has nominated a person Mr. Palaniswami as a Chief Minister for the state. In order to gain the majority voting from the members of assembly, the state’s floor test was held in Tamil Nadu assembly under the speaker P Dhanapal.  Right from the start, there were disruptions, fights, and misjudgements. But still, the team of Ruling party AIADMK members managed to win the battle and the government is officially formed under Mr. Edapaddi K. Palanisami as the Chief Minister of the state.

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election was held at May, 2016 and in less than 1 year; the state of Tamil Nadu has 3 persons in the list of Chief Minister even in Wikipedia.

Youngsters of Tamil Nadu heat up together against their state’s cultural sport Jallikattu and won the law in the battle field of Marina.

Following it, The State Government of Tamil Nadu has imposed Section 144 in Marina and Foreshore to restrict the crowd movement. But the social media giants Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp pave the way for people to express their support, anger, disappointment, excitement and much more.

Below are the few posts, tweets from the people of Tamil Nadu, Celebrities and Politicians of the state as a sign of reaction to their new Chief Minister.

Reaction of Celebrities

This Man has quoted the historical event in his tweet and relates the current situation of the state.

Actor Siddharth who proved his love for the people of Tamil Nadu during Chennai floods, now flooded his twitter account with thought provoking tweets.

Actor Kamal Haasan who have been giving a puzzlement tweets from the beginning, now expressed his feeling with a clear tweet.

The Singam of the state, Actor Surya now roars for the welfare of the state.

Reaction of Public

Meme creators of Tamil Nadu who deserve a due respect in using the social media for a good cause began to express their thoughts.

The Constitution says “Government is for the people”. How do you feel now? Leave your valuable comments below.