Tamil Motivational Quotes – These 10 Will Boost You In Hard Times

tamil motivational quotes

Motivation is the key to success. Motivational quotes lift you up at hard times.

If you love tamil movies, then the tamil motivational songs list and tamil motivational movies will encourage you.

And you know what, Tamil motivational quotes also has the power to charge your soul if you read it and feel it.

Don’t know how? Why not give a try if you know the tamil language?

10. Tamil Motivational Quote by Life

This is one of the best ever motivational tamil quotes that remind you the glimpse of life.

Read this quote in the voice of life. How do you feel when your life is gonna question you about the way you spend.

“Pogum Pozludhae ennai rasithu kondae po,
Thirumbi Vara maten Unakaga” – Ippadiku Vazlkai

tamil motivational quotes about life

So guys, remember your life is ONCE!

9. Motivational Tamil Quote for Facing Challenges

People say that they love challenges, but when challenges come. They will complain.

Read this tamil motivational quote once. It literally jumbles the tamil word “Savaal” and gives back you “Vaasal” which means in every challenge you face, there is a new door awaiting for you.

“Savaal Endra Vaarthaikulae, Vaasal maraindhu irukingrathu,
Ne edirkollum Savvalgalil than un edirkalathin vaasal thirankindrathu”

tamil motivational quotes about challenge

8. This Tamil Motivational Quote Helps You to TRY

You might have read many motivational try-again quotes. But i’m sure that this tamil quote will push you with a hard force. You might have thought “I may lose”. But have you ever thought “I don’t have anything to lose, Let me try once”

“Izlapatharku edhum illai enum pozludhu, Thunichal adhigam aagindrathu”

tamil motivational quotes about courage

This mindset will help you to reach great heights. Only an empty vessel can accept a maximum of water. Empty yourself and try once more.

7. Tamil Motivational Lifestyle Quote

Poor People struggle for their stomach. Rich People run for their stomach.

I believe, No more explanation needed here.

“Yeazlai vayirrukaga odugiran,
Panakkaran Vayirrai kuraika odugiran”

tamil motivational quotes about lifestyle

Govern your lifestyle!

6. Motivational Quote After You Fail

Have you ever failed? What have you done after you failed?

Changed your goal? Or Changed your way?

“Tholvi adainthavan, Maatra muyarchika vendiyathu
Valigalai than! Illakugalai alla!”

tamil motivational quotes about goal path

5. Muyal – Aamai Motivation

You must be knowing the story of Rabbit and Tortoise, If you know. Then read this tamil motivational quote.

tamil motivational quotes rabbit tortoise

“Muyalum vellum, Aamayum vellum,
Aanal Muyalaamai endrum velladhu”

Yes, this re-engineer the fact that “Rabbit can also win, Tortoise can also win. But if they both didn’t try. Either of them will never win. Agree?

4. Tamil Motivation Quote to Push you

Boss, You must understand the fact. People will not recognise you until you prove them. But once you prove, they will never forget you.

tamil motivational quotes about proving

“Nirubi, Angeegarikapaduvai.
Nirubikkum varai, Niragarikkapaduvaai!”

So don’t worry. Keep trying until you prove yourself.

3. Motivational Time Quote

You will value your time after reading this tamil motivational quote.

tamil motivational quotes about time

“Nerathai Veenakumozludhu Kadigarathai Paar,
Oduvathu mull alla, Un Vazlkai!”

Every second running in your watch is actually moving out of your life.

2. Courageous Motivation

Do not worry if you fail. Do not worry if you fail again and again.

One day you will win. You can say this below tamil lines with courage.

tamil motivational quotes about success

“Naan 100 vetrigalal uruvanavan alla,
1000 tholvigalal thondrinavan”

1. Factual Motivation in Tamil

Whatever happens in life. Remember this.

This is one of the best factual tamil motivational quotes. No matter you win or lose. Remember this quote.

tamil motivational quotes about life

“Edhuvum kandanthu Pogum”

If you win, remember this quote and be prepared to win next time too.

If you lose, remember this quote, learn from the mistake and move forward.

Kudos, You are born to live a successful life!