10 Best Summer Safety Tips For Adults To Protect Mind And Body

summer safety tips
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Guys, We are already getting fried in sun even before the summer has actually started. But it is April now.

Shouldn’t we be very cautious in summer? Do you know how to deal with it?

Here, I would like to inform you few summer safety tips that help you to beat the heat.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t go out of your home in summer. That is practically not possible. But you must be safe enough from this scorching sun whenever you step out of your home.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots and lots of water.

Water really is a magic potion. It is helpful in many ways.

summer safety water tips

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It prevents hair fall, good for your skin and the list goes on and on. But primarily because it’s summer carry at least a small bottle of water with you wherever you go.

There are also apps that remind you to drink water at regular intervals. Do install one if you really need.

2. Sunscreen Coatings

I do agree that we require a little amount of sun rays for our body as it contains vitamin D. But the sun rays also have UV rays and other harmful components that can even cause skin cancer.

summer safety sunscreen tips

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Sunscreen is one of the skin care products that will help you to stay safe in summer.

Reapply it every two hours if you are out in the sun for the whole day.

3. Use Cotton Cloths and Light Coloured Ones

This is one of the simple summer tips that everyone gives to their loved ones.

Wearing cotton for summer is a basic that all of us have learned in our primary.

summer safety clothing tips

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But most of us don’t apply this in our everyday lives. When you wear a cotton dress, especially light colored ones you will be able to manage the heat considerably.

Cotton material easily absorbs sweat and light colored dresses attract lesser heat.

4. Put On Those Shoes

The unluckiest part of our body is a leg or the foot because we give minimal attention to it.

summer safety shoes tips

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This eventually results to a dark and tanned foot. To prevent this, apply sunscreen onto your foot. Try wearing normal shoes or cut shoes as a part of your summer safety measure.

Shoe these days has a lot of varieties so you can get 2-3 of them and change them according to the way you dress up. You will end up saving your foot from tanning.

5. Let Your Shades Shine in The Sun

If it is going to be a day out, ensure the sunny day put your dude mode ON.

sun glass summer safety tips

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Buy sunglasses that has UV protection so that you be safer out there. Keep your eyes cool because it is said that we loose a lot of energy through our eyes.😎

6. Oil That Heat Engine

Soak your hair and scalp with oil before you sleep.

summer safety tips for hair

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Any oil that you use regularly will do. This is one of the cool summer safety tips.

But please don’t follow this step if you have sinusitis. Otherwise, this is going to be one best thing.

7. Powder! powder Every Wear!

After taking bath apply some talcum powder all over your body. Especially in the areas that are prone to prickly heat.

summer safety tips for face

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Applying some powder on your face will prevent you from looking oily,

Do you know? The summer and oily face are best friends.

8. Don’t Wash Your Hair More than Twice a Week!

Just because it is summer and your hair gets dirty easily doesn’t mean that you can wash it every day.

summer safety hair tips

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I totally understand that it get stinky because of sweat. Apply some serum preferably natural ones, so that their scent will help you smell good.

9. Shower Into Two

Take bath in the morning as well as night. This is one of the easiest summer safety tips we all can follow.

summer safety shower tips

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Once you are back from work please take bath, as your body will be having all the sweat throughout the day. These can even lead to skin allergies.So taking bath twice in summer is highly advisable.

10. The Glucose Shakthi

Add a glucose rich energy drink every month at least till summer is over.

It is really not sufficient if you just drink water.

summer safety tips for energy

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Even though that is also essential, you will be drained out literally after a sunny day. So the glucose to an extent will help you out with so energy supply.

Keep calm and cool guys. Play safe in the sun. Happy summer to you all!🌞