Does your smartphone has the latest technology processor??

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Once it was rare to find people without phone but today the scenario has become, it’s rare to see people without a smartphone that too the latest technology smartphone. Experts often call this as ‘Smart world’ that are formed by the amalgamation of smartphones. Whatever you have whether its iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Windows, or Blackberry, you might have considered the phenomena called as processor before buying your latest technology mobile. There are certain types, category and specifications about the latest technology processors which are to be known.

There are several processor manufacturing companies like Intel which is the famous manufacturer of processor. But as far as the latest technology integrated into smartphones, most of the smartphone manufacturers use Qualcomm company processor which is also like Intel. Its processor come into market as Snapdragon processors which you may see in most of the latest technology smartphone.

Chipset VS CPU

This is the major thing you need to understand is the difference between this chipset and CPU. This usually mentioned as Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 as in Sony Xperia Z2 and Qualcomm snapdragon 400 as in Moto G. Literally the name itself could briefly explains the meaning that chipset contains the memory, CPU and controllers. The processor manufacturer literally called actually manufactures chipset. Qualcomm snapdragon is widely used in latest technology smartphones as already mentioned but it too has some specifications which could help us to find how well does our latest technology smartphone suits for specific purposes.

Snapdragon 200 series – Moto e, Nokia X2, Xolo Q1000, Micromax canvas A121, Lumia 630

Snapdragon 400 series -Moto G, Samsung Grand2, XOLO Q1100, Xperia T2 ultra.

Snapdragon 600 series – Htc butterfly s, Lenovo K900, Oppo N1

Snapdragon 800 series – Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G series

Greater is the series, greater will be the performance. Hence, time lag between switching apps could be reduced. Snapdragon 800 series is the rising latest technology which all the leading smartphone manufacturing companies are working to incorporate in their future smartphones.

latest technology
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Clock Speed, CPU and Core

CPU: This usually represented as 1 GHZ dual core in Nokia Lumia 525, 1.9 GHZ Cortex A15 + 1.3 GHZ Cortex A7 Octa core in Samsung Galaxy S5, Quad-core 2.3 GHZ krait 400 in Xperia Z2. These helps to provide us information about the speed at which our latest technology smart phone would be used without any lag or hang problems.

Clock Speed: 1.9 GHZ Means 1,900,000,000 that the processor performs cycles per second and thus your latest technology smartphone is far enough to perform multi-tasking. So, consider that more the clock speed and cortex version greater will be the performance.

Core: Core as usual everyone knows that octa-core performs well as the quad-core which exceeds dual-core mobile phones. So, better opt for latest technology octa-core or quad-core.

Hope you must have got some clear picture about the processor you will be using. Consider these things before buying your latest technology smartphones and enjoy the best hardware experience in your android.