12 Signs That Make You Realize You’re Wasting Time In Your Life

wasting time by upset
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We all have one Life. Every hour hand and minute hand on your watch remind you that every minute runs out of your life.

Ask this within you, “Are you living a better life than yesterday?”

If your answer is YES, then you may really value your time.

What if NO? Then, you need to know these signs that let you find out where are you wasting your time in life.

12. You keep checking your smartphone’s notification every 20 min

smartphone signs time in life
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Better, Spend time with the world around you.

11. When you wake up without any excitement

wating time in life after wakeup
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How excited are you when you wake up every morning? You will be excited when you plan for a trip early in the morning. But do you feel the same every day?

10. Scrolling social media with no thought

wasting time in social media
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If you simply scroll on the Facebook newsfeed, Twitter tweets, Whatsapp statuses, you need to understand your time value.

9. When you are sad for no reason

wasting time alone
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Are you sick at heart?

8. When you say YES to all

wasting time in arguement
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Sometime, you should learn the art of saying NO. Else, you may need to sweeten your pot for others.

7. When your daily life falls into a routine

wasting time in life in routine
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Are you doing the same stuff every day? Didn’t you get bored? Then something is to be corrected.

6. When you follow other’s command, than your own

wasting time by command
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You should listen to others. But, not like, you should only listen to others. If you do so, Then that would be a mess.

5. When you dwell in your past

wasting time in past
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Thinking about the past can put a smile on your face. But, You should also contemplate your present value of time to create a marvelous future.

4. When you lose interest in everything around you

wasting time by upset
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This is one of the best sign that tells you that you are wasting time in your life.

3. When you go to sleep unhappy

wasting time in disturb sleep
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Do you go to bed with a satisfaction in the heart?

2. When you spend more time in front of the Television

wasting time watching tv
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Have you watched any Lamborghini Ads on TVs? There is a motivational quote that tells “Lamborghini doesn’t have commercials, because the people who can afford them are not sitting around watching television”

1. When you don’t have any goals

no goals in life
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What is the Goal of your life? 

If you don’t have any answer, then your time in life would be culminated without your indulgence!

How do you feel about your time now? Comment your thoughts below!