Remembering Google Company History – 10 Inspiring Timeline You Didn’t Know


Company history are always interesting to read as well as to digest. Especially history of world’s leading company like Google always sounds interesting. We present you some of the exclusive google company timeline evolution that seems to be inspiring for today’s young entrepreneurs. This history of Google evolution Information is taken from Google’s Official company profile.

That ‘Hello’ Moment in Google Company History – 1995

In 1995, Larry page and Sergey Bin who were the founders of Google met each other during there college days at Stanford University. At that time, Larry was 22 and Sergey was 21 years old.


In 1996, They both worked towards a project of making a search engine called ‘BackRub’ which operates in their college server.

Official Domain Registration of Google Company

Stanford begin to complain that these two guys were eating up most of the data from the college server thus using most of the bandwidth. In 1997, the two young minds Larry and Sergey registered a separate domain on Sep 15th which marked the first promising seed in Google company history.

First Ever Recognition in Google Company History

In 1998, Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim believed in Google and given a check for 100,000 dollors to Google Inc. In the same year “PC Magazine” recognizes Google as one among the Top 100 websites in the world.

First Ever Google Company Office and Employees

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In 1999, Google company has set up an office in Palo Alto with 8 employees. In June Google raised 25 Million dollors fund from Sequoia Capital which was a sign of great support and encouragement in Google history. Later Google moved their office premises to Silicon Valley.

Language Journey in Google Company History

In 2000, Google set up their search engines for 10 languages around the world. German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch. Now we have Google in 150+ languages.

Image Search For People

In 2001, Google opens up the way for people to search only images. Google Images we have today was launched in 2001 with 250 million images.

Breakthrough Journey in Google Company History

Owing to the success of Google Images, Google began to develop multiple products which gives more comfort to people. Google News was launched in 2002 with 4000 news sources. Blogger was launched in 2003. Social networking platform Orkut launched in 2004.

View Of Earth

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Yes ! Google maps is one of the most advanced innovation made by google in google company history. The history of google evolution gives the facility of every individual to view their streets and houses through Google Maps. This amazing feature of Google was launched in 2005.

Record – Play – Pause in Google Company History

After images, satellites and doodles, Its Videos. Google acquired Youtube on 2006. 100+ hours of videos are being uploaded today for each and every minute. Having more than billion viewers daily. More than 1 million channels earn revenue from Youtube today.

Making The World Smarter

This tech giant entered mobile world through Android. Announcing open source mobile platform in 2007. Later this Google company history started creating more technical pages in the book of human history by revolutionizing the lifestyle of every individual.

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Glad to accept that Google changes the Lives of People.! So Its today Happy Birthday google ! Go Ahead Further ! Let the journey be Unstoppable !