10 Reasons Why Amaravati Is The New Capital Of Andhra Pradesh

new capital of andhra pradesh amaravathi
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As the foundation stone for Amaravati, The New capital of Andhra Pradesh was laid by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, it is time for us to know some crucial features of this historical place Amaravati. This New capital of Andhra Pradesh will be the beacon for modern city/ smart city.

Here are the 10 things that one should know about this new capital city Amaravati:

  • This new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati is a historic place which was ruled by the first Andhra Kings, who ruled during 230 BC to 220 BC. Though Amravati’s glory are recorded in pages of history, it was ignored till date despite of its flourishing past.
  • This is the only place where river Krishna flows north instead of east or west as in other places. River Krishna is worshipped by many for the wealth it bestows on the land.
  • Amaravati has the India’s biggest bus Terminal. This bus terminal is the busiest bus terminal and it is the second largest bus terminal in Asia. This bus terminal was established on 23rd September 1990.
  • Amaravati has the India’s biggest railway station. This railway station is the second largest in Asia. It is the only station in India which was built with five entrances with ticket counters. It has 10 platforms and serves millions of passengers.
new capital of andhra pradesh
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  • Amaravati was choose the capital of Andhra Pradesh as it is the unification of all the elements for living. It comprises of nine cities namely knowledge city, financial city, health city, tourism city, government city, sports city, entertainment city, electronics city and education city.
  • Singapore and Japan have showed their willingness to contribute this new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati’s development. They propose to help Amravati’s development with their technology and experience. “We in Japan from our young days have learnt that this great land of Amaravati was a great seat of learning for Buddhism right from 3rd century BC and here is where the seed of Japanese nation’s culture and values have emerged. In our text books we learnt that Nagarjuna (one of the most important Buddhist philosophers after the Buddha) visited the city,” said Japanese Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Yosuke Takagi said at the groundbreaking ceremony. (PTI)
  • This New capital of Andhra Pradesh is expected to be built as a city with skyscrapers, metro-railways and river ways. Amaravati is targeted to be the world class city in a decade.
  • Amravati’s location in the state surprisingly adds more benefits to the state as it is located in the center of the state.   Whereas, in most of the states, the state’s capital is always located in one corner of the state. This new capital of Andhra Pradesh becomes accessible to every part of the state.
  • The state secretariat, high court and legislative assembly, will be moved from Hyderabad to Amaravati by 2024. Bifurcated Andhra Pradesh will have their own distinct capitals.
  • Asia’s largest chili market is located in Guntur, near Amaravati. World famous Kohinoor diamond which was mined from Kolar mines is also a part of Amaravati.