10 Reasons To Convey Happy Diwali Wishes To Your Buddies

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It’s time to crack the crackers of joy. It’s time to enlighten the smile of your heart. Yup! It’s time to say Happy Diwali. The only day in the year you could hear the noise of fire crackers as a sound of joy. Though the world celebrates number of festivals, Diwali has always been a special festival to every Indians. On this special day everyone of us will be busy in conveying our hearty Diwali wishes to our circles. Though there are plenty of reasons to say happy Diwali here I list you some of the reasons to convey happy Diwali wishes to our friends and family.

10. National Holiday

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Snooze your alarms. There is no need to hurry up catching bus for office, packing lunch for children and so on. Dude it’s time to relax. Say happy Diwali to your beloved ones and enjoy your day. It’s National Holiday.

9. Special Programs In TV

This is the day when you have better choice of channels in your Television. Your favorite actor interview as Diwali special. Your favorite movie is gonna start. All new movies/ your kind of shows at same time in different channels. Oh my god, it’s ad at the same time too. One becomes busy with the remote by switching between the channels. Say Happy Diwali dude.!

8. A Day With Family

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In today’s busy schedule, it is too hard to get members of a family together. But Diwali has it all. Diwali is a festival which brings the entire family together. Diwali, is rightly called the festival of joy. Diwali rewards you time with your family. What else a heart needs ? Say happy Diwali and spread your joy.

7. A Day To Hear Cracker Sound Everywhere

Noise! usually irritates and puts your mood off. Yet crackling noise on this day to an extent permissible. Everyone may have different opinion in bursting crackers. But without these crackers, Diwali is not complete! So lets say happy Diwali.

6. A Day to See Sky Decorated!

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Diwali is a wonderful day which lights up everything from your spirit to sky. Some brilliant fireworks does magic in the sky. Fireworks in the night sky is feast to eyes. People never mind spending more to see happiness in their little ones.

5. Buy New Dresses and Wear

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4. Season for Shopping

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Shopping starts a month before Diwali. From petty shops to malls in every view you could see people buying something or the other. Both the sellers and buyers are filled with joy. Shops for crackers, sweets, mittais, karans, dresses are all set with new colors that not only attracts people but also sets the mood right! North east monsoon sets in South India during Diwali season. But rain or damp climatic condition does not spoil the mood of Diwali. Diwali is a such a festival which not only enlightens you but also energies! Say happy Diwali!

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3. Day For Kids and Adults Turn Kids

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2. Day To Taste Special Sweets

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Diwali is the festival of joy. When one says joy, it is always associated with sweets. I personally await this festival. The only reason is my mom used to try many sweets and karams. I love helping her. This is the only festival were the preparations can be tasted before serving to God!. The most interesting part is exchanging sweets specially home made stuffs with your relatives, friends and neighbours. We friends and kins without any bias used to rate the food stuffs and it is a real fun time. Our parents also love and enjoy seeing their loved ones tasting their sweets. With mouth watering sweets say Happy Diwali!

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1. Only Happiness

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A holiday, sweets, new dresses, great entertainment shows, a family get together whatelse one could wish for on a single day?  Diwali means only happiness. It is meant for sharing happiness. It is festival of joy. Happy diwali 🙂