7 Reasons For Those Who Felt Kabali Is Disappointing

kabali movie rating
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To begin with, I would like to put forward an incident which happened in our office. 5 of our friends who had watched Kabali had a small discussion about the movie, 3 of my friends along with me have told that 2nd half was better than the 1st half. But the other 2 friends proclaim 1st half was better than the 2nd half of the movie. We were shocked. At that moment it indicated that opinions varied even between die-hard Rajini fans. There I thought of finding the reasons for Kabali disappointment. I have presented few things here. If you find it convincing leave your comments below.

Most of our mind didn’t accept Kabali as Rajini’s movie and got disappointed might be due to these following reasons. Even Rajini’s die hard fans felt something missing in Kabali.

7. We were super excited about watching Kabali and we fought really hard to book tickets. When we watched Kabali in such a hyper expectation, we were disheartened. Yes. Kabali is not a movie to watch in FDFS excitement mood.

6. It is the movie distribution fault. Both Kabali teaser and Kabali songs were electrifying and had high energy. In the same way, we had expected Kabali movie. But Ranjith had given an interview pre-release stating that Rajinikanth itself mentioned: “This is not a Rajini movie, This is a Ranjith movie”.

kabali movie rating
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5. Our mind is not ready to accept Superstar in a casual way rather than his usual mass appearance. We might have expected yet another Basha for 2016 when we heard an one liner that Kabali was ‘A story about MALAYSIAN DON‘.

4. We would have accepted Kabali if Ranjith would have made this with any of the young actors. Yes, we had enjoyed when Rajini transformed from MULLUM MALARUM to ANNAMALAI. But we are not ready to accept him vice versa as ANNAMALAI to MULLUM MALARUM.

3. Kabali is the movie with no song which made him RICH OVERNIGHT and poor in few min. The practical way of narration capturing the sentiments of a gangster for his family and society is shown in Kabali.

2. Might be we are expecting Rajini again by KISSING A SNAKE as an introduction scene.

1. We had blamed Rajini that all his movies were monotonous. But whenever he do a movie which is out from his commercial style like Raghavendra, Baba, we were disappointed. Of Course, those had not been entertaining but Kabali doesn’t belong to that list. Kabali is a good movie which also has few Rajini elements.