Why Chennai Rain Drastically Made Us To Float Like In Boat.? – Reasons Behind Heavy Water Logging

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Every one of us in Chennai today are busy staying inside our home on account of heavy rainfall which causes the water logged in our streets also inside our houses too. When we see the different places in Chennai captured and shared on social media like Facebook and twitter we wonder as how this could happen in Chennai. Seeing those pics of #ChennaiRains, we remember our walk in those streets of Anna Salai, GST Road, Nungambakkam and even Sub-urban trains. When we switch on our News channels we could see people suffering and complaining about this flood. Most of us know that this is a natural calamity that no one could stand against or do anything. But still we have to question our minds as these kinds of flood too happened in countries like US, Japan, Australia, Singapore etc., Have we ever saw that this kind of state persisted there for more than a week days.? Even japan faces Tsunami frequently dude. Was there no action or precaution done.?

Just An Analysis

In September 2015, merely a month back, Miyagi City in Japan which is not even a capital of the state was flooded. But our Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu with a population of 4.5 million.

chennai rains
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As soon as the flood hits, Japan government advised nearly 2.8 million to evacuate as per CNN report.  What is the Precaution measure taken in Chennai – “All Schools and Colleges are Declared Holiday” that’s it.

chennai rain 2015
Image Courtesy – cnn

Military helicopter flied on the roof top as per the below pic captured to rescue people. Have you seen at least a Public vehicle for rescue? Instead you could see the public government bus sink with people inside it.

bus sinks in chennai rain
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Every streets of Japan had only the flood water because of their underground drainage system. But when Chennai rains we are supposed to walk in the mixed scavenging water. Dirty water even reached the bed rooms of many.

The roads over there are laid in such a manner that even 5 floods per year could withstand. You could even see the most advanced road laying mechanism followed over there. But Chennai roads will have their birthdays only at the time of elections or a minister arrives nearby.

How Many Of Us Know This.?

We are paying road tax right.? When we register our new vehicle and start using it on the road we pay to government. Also we are supposed to pay each time crossing a toll. As per government policy we pay Rs 150 per seat per quarter for private vehicles. And for heavy vehicles and vehicles owned by educational institutions are supposed to pay Rs 3500 per year. For school bus it is Rs 50 per seat per quarter and for college bus it is Rs 100 per seat per quarter. You can refer the actual road tax prices here.

The Question here is how many of us know this.?

If we know this do we pay this.?

If paid…

As per Times of India analysis Chennai tops the car density in India with 3.7 million units. Just think even if we pay Rs 150.

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Total Road Tax to be collected from Car alone at a basic – 150 x 3.7 million = HOW MUCH? ( This is the revenue for government exclusively for road maintenance alone from Cars in chennai )

More than 10 million bikes runs in Chennai. Also we have number of Educational and office buses, cabs, lorries, trucks etc., If this much money we give to government alone in a single quarter as a tax for roads. Why does Chennai Corporation is in this condition.? Why waters even entering our homes which are well constructed.? Even snakes too entering along with water is the pathetic situation we have in chennai. Why.?