Here Is The Proof That Apple Will Launch Foldable iPhone Models That Opens Like A Book

Apple's foldable iphone model

The year 2017 has been a great breakthrough for Apple as it launched a Bezel-less iPhone model with wireless charging and face recognition technology. According to zdnet, iPhone X shares 1.42 percent of total iPhone sales of Apple. This too happened within the two weeks of its launch. On account of the optimistic recognition, Here is the great news for Apple users.

The New iPhone which is expected for a 2020 launch has got something more interesting. This iPhone could be a whole new experience for the Apple lovers. Apple is going to furnish a new model which it hadn’t tried before.

Yes. The Apple iPhone 2020 would be a foldable one. There was also been a rumor that Apple was working with LG for a foldable iPhone. But will it really take so long?

Well, I don’t think so. Because Apple had filed for a flexible design patent in 2016 for making foldable iPhone models. That too opens like a book. Here is the proof.

So do you think Apple still takes till 2020 to launch its foldable iPhone?

I think Apple could make it early, the convincing reasons would be the below:

  • When the rumor of a Bezel-less iPhone believed in 2015, It took only 2 years for Apple lovers to see the rumor come true. Sounds kiddish? I also have another reason.
  • Samsung has been actively working towards making the foldable smartphone. It is likely to be launched on 2018 as Samsung X. If this comes true, Will Apple still takes one more year to unveil its foldable iPhone?

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