The 10 Biggest Positive Elements Unexpected in Bahubali 2 Movie

bahubali 2 unexpected positives

Remember the corn field chase in interstellar?

Where they gush into a lush corn field in a steep chase of a lost Indian drone. In IMAX the experience was leveraged into an unparallel world and when the movie got over I was in awe and was wondering whether these kinds of visual effects and experience could ever be brought out in an Indian movie?

Maybe my kids are privileged to witness a thing like this in near future. But I was proven wrong within a year when Ss Rajamouli came up with BAHUBALI.

He brought the feel, emotions and he took us to the world of ‘Mahishmati’ and he almost nailed it perfectly when the VFX were convincing enough to make us think yes we have finally got a movie on par with the Beverly hills.

Though the movie is not a proper full south Indian meal, it had enough spices and sweets to grab everyone attentions for upcoming MAGNANIMOUS FEAST. To be honest Bahubali 2 almost overfilled everyone’s tummy and it had carved out a huge craving for yet another Bahubali feast.

We know we gonna witness incredible war sequences, and the reason why kattapa killed Bahubali, larger than life dialogues but what the movie delivered was totally out of the boxes and it was like bolts from the blue to all the audiences.

1. There was an incredible PLOT. Yes! It’s there.

The real success of a director is to out-wit the viewers, audiences were clueless how the second part would begin and from where it would pick up.

bahubali 2 kingdom

An intriguing plot webbing emotions, adventure, fantasy romance, action and a great casting has made the plot look epic. And it is really an undeniably EPIC.

2. No fancy dress characters

Tamanna was a miscast and she didn’t impact in a way the director envisioned. She was not the apt choice and she will never be. She’s beautiful but she never had the roaring tigress in her eyes.

bahubali 2 tamanna with sword

Her absence was the biggest blessing in disguise and people aren’t too sad to miss this glittering horse.

3. The caged lioness unleashed

When the first part portrayed  “Anushka – the lady superstar” (yes she is in many people eyes) in chains, We thought that the director has failed to use her completely.

bahubali 2 anushka

But Bahubali 2 is Anushka and Anushka is Bahubali.

Ever seen eyes cutting like swords and anger spreading like a wildfire?

Anushka does create everything and it’s because of this Tigress princess the movie goes on to another notch higher.

4. Old wine tastes best

The characterization of the three legendary iconic actors Nasser(the inevitable), Ramya Krishnan( the ultimate woman), Sathyaraj (the jack of all trades).

bahubali 2 ramya krishnan

If Prabhas, Anushka, and Rana were the horses of the chariot, then these actors were the driving forces and holding forces of the weight of the chariot. Career defining a role for all the three icons.

5. At half way mark “It’s not a movie, it’s a THEME PARK”

yaa hoo….

bahubali 2 set

When wild imagination comes to life, your pupils dilate, jaws dropped, vocal chords get strangled. Such the experience at the end of first half. The ride is exorbitant and fantasy-ridden and you wish it never ceases to an end.

Children and casual movie goers will pack the theaters for this summer holidays. If BAHUBALI OR MAHISHMATI theme parks are erected in future don’t be surprised. I may sound like an Illuminati.

6. YOU CANNOT BUY GOOSEBUMPS WITH MONEY! But u can buy Bahubali 2 tickets

How much can u ever pay to get Goosebumps like the one we witness in the Intermission?

bahubali 2 prabhas

On the feet of the master craftsman SSR.

To connect with the movie and audience pulse it needed a larger than a life moment and this has to be one of the FINEST UNADULTERATED, SPINE-CHILLING, NERVE-RACKING experience ever.

All your ticket money for Bahubali 2 is worth the ten minutes.

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7. Wild pigs, flaming Taurus, slinging palms

bahubali 2 kingdom set

A great hunting sequence, wild boars and Taurus flaming their horns crashing down the valley of kundal kingdom, huge monstrous mountains, buildings and ultimately Mahendra Bahubali catapulting a palm tree (pun intended) would definitely make school kids as their “movie of their Childhood”.

8. Inculcating our culture values and family values

The dialogues penned for ARMENDRA Bahubali are quite majestic in Bahubali 2, the relationship and the family values are etched very well. Women practicing swords, Krishna songs, the importance of portrait painting and Dravidian culture were seamlessly integrated.

bahubali 2 value

Amused by vijayendra Prasad and SSR’s VISION.

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