How To Test Internet Speed Using Ookla Speedtest App

ookla speed test app review

Ookla speed test app is top among the list of best internet speed test app available for the smartphone. Here I discuss how to test internet speed using this best app. But before that, an overview about Ookla speed test app could help you know better.

What is Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is one of the best Speedtest app available across Android, iOS and Windows platform. When you want to test your internet speed on your device, you can simply search ‘Ookla Speedtest app’.

This app is offered by Ookla team and can be found as “” in Android play store and “Speedtest by Ookla” in iOS App Store.

What can Speedtest by Ookla app do for you?

  1. Simplifies your testing effort. Ookla finds your best server and test your internet speed on your smartphone with just a single tap.
  2. Gives details of your service provider.
  3. Let you share your test results.
  4. Stores all your speed test results with the time of testing.

How to use Speedtest by Ookla App and test Internet speed on your smartphone?

Find Speedtest by Ookla app from the app store using the search term given earlier and install it on your smartphone.

Once the app is installed, you can see 4 Options available in the home.


  • This is the primary test area to test your internet speed using the app. You can find a “Begin Test” button.
  • Once the test is begun, you can see a real-time internet speed calculation meter which calculates the download and upload speed.
  • This section of the app shows you the Download and Upload internet speed result, Test Again Option and Option to share your test results with your friends through Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and much more.

Ookla speedtest app review home


  • This stores the data of internet test results and shows the Type of internet connection you are testing (Wifi or Mobile Network), Time (When testing is done on the device), Download Speed, Upload Speed and Ping Duration.
  • The results stored can be exported to CSV and email or deleted through the settings option available.Ookla speedtest app review results


  • This allows you choose the unit you want to see the Internet speed test results. (Mbps or kBps)
  • Settings of Ookla app also displays the External and Internal IP of your device.
  • This app has the Auto select of server option and gives you provision to change your servers to test the internet speed.

Who is behind Speedtest by Ookla App?

Ookla is the leading Internet metrics company. If you search this speed test app in the play store, you can easily find this as offered by Ookla team.

Leading tech giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, Verizon, Vodafone are the customers of Ookla. So, you can always trust Ookla app for better Internet speed test results.

How Popular is Ookla Speedtest app?

Speedtest app by Ookla has 50 million active downloads in Android and rated 4+ in the iOS app store.

Speedtest Ookla android app is rated 4.4 by over 9 Lakh users.

How to reach this Speedtest app developer team?

  • Official website for Speedtest mobile –
  • Official email ID for Android users – [email protected]
  • Customer support website portal –

Ookla speedtest app review details:

  • Android Version Reviewed: 3.2
  • Ookla speedtest app Review Updated on 25/May/2017