OnePlus 4 – A Sneak Peek About Killer Specifications, Pros and Cons

oneplus 4 rumor specs
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It has been an eagerly wait for ONEPLUS lovers for the release of OnePlus 4. The OnePlus 3 caught quite a bit of attention among the mobile lovers and became one of the best choices of smartphones in the recent time. Therefore, it is no wonder that the new OnePlus 4 Smartphone is sure to amaze everyone. Rumors were already been out about the specifications, features of the new upcoming OnePlus 4. Here we have the new features that are expected to be incorporated in the OnePlus 4 which would rule the smartphone year of 2017.

Hurray! Do you think that OnePlus 4 is expected to give a strong competition to iPhone 7? Why not, check out these below features that are rumored about OnePlus 4 and decide for your support.


The OnePlus 4 is expected to have a curved aluminum case along with a unique shape. Like its previous generation model the OnePlus 3, it will also have a screen of 5.5 inch. Regarding the resolution of the screen, it is supposed to come with a 4k resolution which is the highest one for any Smartphone so far. You will be able to have 3D streaming and other integrated 3D technology in this advanced device.


There will be an increase in the storage capacity of this smartphone. The OnePlus 4 is expected to have an external memory of 126 GB SD card while with an internal memory of 32GB at the least and increase to 64 GB or 126 GB according to the price. The processor of the OnePlus 4 that can be purchased using Tata Cliq promo code is rumored to be one of its main features that will get a tremendous hike. It will be equipped with a RAM of 8GB, which will be the highest in the market. And it will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor with a speed of 3.2 GHz.  


Among the best features that you will get are the ones in the camera. OnePlus 4 will have 22 MP rear camera along with a front camera of 8 MP equipped with the latest auto focusing techniques. It is expected to have an autofocus laser, camera sensors, retina eye scanner and various other added camera technologies.


With this many features, Oneplus surely needs to build a killer battery backup. And they are expected to do so with a 4000 mAh battery which will finish charging up to 60% within a short duration of just one hour. Other features like wireless charging are also expected to be added in this latest model.

Pros and Cons of OnePlus 4

OnePlus 4 has many pros attached with it but it is expected to hardly have any cons. Here are some of the basic pros and cons of OnePlus 4 that are pictured when these rumored specifications turn true.

  • 3D Technology in Android
  • 8 GB RAM
  • The Retina eye scanner
  • 128 GB Storage
  • With the best and highest quality features, the battery might be an issue. However, it is devised in order to charge up to 60% at an hour.

Coming to the price, OnePlus 4 will cost probably around Rs. 30,000 in India and it is supposed to be released during the middle of the upcoming year 2017. Hence, hold your breath to get amazed by the best and the smartest Smartphone of the year, the OnePlus 4.

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