New Technology that has been in-corporated and to be in-corporated in smartphones

New technology
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In this realm of smartphone, we need everything updated with the new technology. This sounds good, but how many of us know what would be the new technology used further. Here I have listed some of the new technology that most of us are unaware of.

64-bit Application:

Most of us must be knowing about 32-bit and 64-bit operating system in windows. We could even differentiate the features and operations between those. The same is also to be observed in smartphone. Since, we need new technology in our devices we ought to know that our new technology android is a 32-bit operating system. Its processor manufacturer qualcomm also offers 32-bit. But this is going to be replaced with the new technology 64-bit android operating system by Google Inc., which is striving to create this new technology. Apple Inc. has done this recently by releasing its latest iPhone 5s and iPad Air which possess 64-bit processor A7 chip and also the operating system iOS7. It has also been observed that this model runs double time faster than the previous versions of iPhone. Therefore this new technology of 64-bit hardware to support 64-bit software and applications could boost overall performance and optimize battery performance of android devices is expected to be met soon.

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Motion Co-Processor:

Many of us may be aware of processor, but this motion co-processor is something like a graphic card for a laptop. Though it was not exactly like graphic card it’s a GPU which helps the smartphone to run the graphics and high graphic requirement applications separately with the much smoother experience. Apple’s iPhone 5S is the first device to incorporate this latest technology. It has separate motion Co-Processor M7 in addition to the processor A7. Hence, it is absorbed that this reduces load to CPU and deliver faster performance both in foreground and also in background of running the apps. This Motion Co-Processor also drastically controls the power consumption by increasing the battery life. This new technology of Motion Co-Processor is incorporated in the latest android release by Motorola Inc. in their Moto-X with X8 Motion Co-Processor and also by Google in their Nexus 5. This new technology is expected to rock the smartphone world in this present year.


Beacons are also the new technology that has been incorporated in iOS7 as iBeacon. This is similar to Bluetooth as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Sensing. These are not to transfer files but are used to locate devices within 10 meters approximately. The iOS having beacon enabled application could detect another beacon enabled iOS device. For instance if you forget where you have kept your iPad, you can easily locate it with your iPhone. This new technology is welcomed by retailers, shopping complexes, planners and even police to locate the devices. This new technology is expected to be incorporated in all android devices at the earliest, since this beacon app is also already available in Google’s play store.