New Emoji Update 2017: Android Kills Blob Face and iOS Adds Breastfeeding Mom

android bob emoji
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These Little creations have changed the digital perception of human behavior.

They made you smile when you want to digitally share your happiness with friends.

They have also helped to show your love for your loved ones.

Yes, They are Emojis!

Owing to World Emoji Day celebrated on July 17, both apple and android have redesigned their emoji to delight its users.

Emoji strongly convey the thoughts of human in the technology world. These tech giants have made their way to enhance your communication better through revamped smiley, gestures, Zombies and even more.

Apple have revealed its new emoji designs.

ios new emoji 2017
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A fully bearded person, a breastfeeding women, Meditating boy, and much more.

These new emoji will be ruled out to the apple users along with iOS11 in the upcoming Apple event. Apple has also added the preview of iOS11 on its official website.

Coming to Android, It was Blob, But no more!

Android is killing blob faces.

Android bob emojiImage Source: emojipedia/google/android-7.1/

Google creative director Rachel Been said that their objective is to ensure cross platform emotional consistency. The design shouldn’t create confusion when an emoji is sent from an iOS platform to Android and vice-versa.

You will be seeing more circular faces of emoji that looks similar to what you see in iOS.

Android O new emoji 2017
Image Source: emojipedia/google/android-o-beta/

The emoji are categorised basis the background colour to convey specific emotions.

Android bob emoji colourImage Source: emojipedia/google/android-7.1/
Android bob emoji colour basis emotionImage Source: emojipedia/google/android-7.1/

Like the new design? Well, I Love Blob more.

If you wanna experience the new emoji. You will have to wait for Android O. Similar to Apple, Android will also roll out the new emoji as a part of Android O.

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