How To Test Internet Speed Using Network Master App

network master app review

Before knowing on how to begin the speed test with Network master, You must know few things about this app.

What is Network Master?

Network master is one of the speed test apps for your smartphone. This app also serves as the best network tool for android providing features to test internet connection speed and also ensures the security of your smartphone.

What can Network Master app do for you?

Network master app can do the following things on your smartphone.

  1. Test your internet speed and provides accurate results on download speed, upload speed, and ping duration.
  2. Network master can test the internet speed on both mobile network and wifi connectivity.
  3. Does the security check on your smartphone and protects your phone from potential threats which may raise through unsecured Wifi networks and hijacking.
  4. Network master shows you a number of wifi devices connected to your wifi network.
  5. Boot network usage of your smartphone by restricting high data usage applications.

How to use Network Master App and test Internet speed on your smartphone?

Network Master app will be listed with a green icon in the playstore. Your android version of smartphone should be 4.1 and above. If you have android Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and greater version, You can download this app and start using it.

You can see Network Master app has four options once you install on your smartphone.


  • Shows how many devices connected to the network.
  • Wifi Security status.
  • Network speed.
  • Speed check option.

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Data Saver

  • Data saver shows you how many apps are consuming more data on your smartphone.
  • It also shows you the lost of high data consumption apps of the month basis your usage.
  • By enabling Data Save, you can restrict the background data consumption of apps and boost your internet speed.

Wifi Expert

  • Wifi Expert shows the real-time download and upload speed of your internet connection.
  • It also has the option to boost your network to increase the connectivity through data restrictions to specific apps.

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Data Manager

Data Manager shows you the details of data used in MB per day and data usage per month. You can also set Data plan in MB or GB for efficient mobile internet data plan management.

Who is behind Network Master App?

Network master app is offered by LIONMOBI team. The LionMobi is one of the leading mobile application development company.

LionMobi not only offers speed test application. It also offers Power Security, Power Battery, and Power clean android application in the playstore.

How Popular is this internet speed test app?

Network master has more than 10 million active installs and content rated 3+ as per playstore data.

Network master is reviewed by 2 Lakh android users and rated 4.5.

Check the Network master review in the android playstore.

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How to reach Network master app developer team?

Official website –
Contact email – [email protected]

Network master app review details:

  • Android Version reviewed:  1.8
  • Network master app review updated on: 23/May/2017

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