Movie Analysis – Why Thodari Performed Well Than Aandavan Kattalai

thodari vs aandavan kattalai
Image Courtesy - Screen grab from Youtube

Another Friday has fallen, and yet another “eFanwar” had uprisen. Two stalwarts, emperors on their own style and charisma have come up to limelight with their recent outings AANDAVAN KATTALAI and THODARI. The former being Vijay Sethupathi’s 5th release of the year and the latter being Dhanush’s first flick after the lackluster Thangamagan. Though Aandavan kattalai is way better a film than Thodari there are few reasons why ‘Thodari’ topped the clash in terms of box office.



The KUMKI’SQUE Expectations

It’s undeniably true that every Prabhu Solomon’s movie want to be like another KUMKI. People thronged the theaters for Kayal with full expectations and in return ended up seeing a ‘nature photoslide’ and Dhanush’s presence along with his unique storytelling the expectations has been Mediocre to draw the fans of all categories.

Dhanush’s Assured Entertainment

Though the meat is not enough to feed into the actor’s jaws it certainly had a glimpse of the actor’s humor,  enough to sustain the momentum not to be derailed, in an otherwise boring long travel. Aandavan Kattalai too entertained the Sethupathi audience. But, the lag at the later half of the movie deters it well behind.

An untouched Theme

The train journey is always fun. Shot in exotic locations of richer Indian rails and flavored with an interesting (well at least as the director thought) drama this would draw the students from boring classes or a stressed up office worker who’s trying to escape the pressures.

The Twin Ribs Ticklers

The biggest offer or the only take away from this half cooked feast is the presence of Thambi Ramaiah and Karuna’s one-liners. Undoubtedly they form the backbone of this snail. Unfortunately, the snail doesn’t lucky to have this backbone to full effect.

Somebody’s loss is Thodari’s gain.

Lack of big promotion, the uncertainty of the release date, no bigger names apart from VIJAY Sethupathi, the movie hasn’t opened to its full potential although the word of mouth will draw the audience in the coming weeks. Even if we hope Aandavan Kattalai could raise in the box office, it could be a difficult phenomenon. Vijay Sethupathi’s next “Rekka” is on the way on October 7.

Last but not the least, we could witness from the below tweet that tamil audience always enjoy the movie with good content.