Motivational Bible Verses – Top 10 To Lift You In Hard Times

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The Holy Bible is considered as the world’s top motivational book for mankind. Though Bible is considered as christian sacred book, the verses and sayings in the bible motivates all kinds of people. Jesus christ died on the cross and provides salvation to all who believe in him. Today people celebrate Easter as a symbol of Jesus resurrection. But according to bible, Christians are supposed to worship the almighty god and celebrate every sunday as a resemblance of Jesus resurrection. Being a common man, lets see some of the motivational bible verses that could impact our lives and encourage us towards the right path of success.

10.  Remember You Are Not Alone

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How to do feel if your beloved one says “I will be with you at all times”? You will be at the cloud nine right ! Then how does it feel if the Almighty says. Yes! these motivational bible verses encourages you towards the path of success by reminding you that god is with you in all walks of life.

9. Guard Your Heart.

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Whatever you talk, however you act, Everything is an outcome of your heart. Bible says to guard your heart. Yes, if you fill your heart with unwanted things, your life will be messed up. Garden your heart with the fragrance of love and positiveness. Many such motivational bible verses will make you realize how beautiful is the life which god has given

8. The Ask-Seek-Knock Formula

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Are you a student? Are you a business men? Are you an employee in a renowned company? Are you striving hard to chase your own dreams? whomever you may be, this motivational bible verse formula will work for you perfectly.

7. You Can Achieve Anything You Want To

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If you firmly believe in the power of almighty, you can do anything you want to achieve in your life. This motivational verse of bible could give you strength if you believe.

6. Work With All Your Heart

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If everyone have this verse of bible engraved in the heart, no one will misuse their position at work. When you have your dream big, Work towards it with all your heart. Also do not do it for men sake. If you do, it might not be your best.

5. Strong Enough To Believe

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When you are out for an exam or a match, these motivational bible verses motivates you as it did for god people in olden days. And in this verse bible says “..Take heart and be strong, have no fear and do not be troubled, for the lord your god is with you wherever you go

4. Battle Belongs To God

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Life is a battlefield. When you have to fight alone, don’t panic. Just pray to god remembering these motivational bible verses in your heart. You will feel the confidence within you that he will take care. And Ultimately he does !

3. Have Faith

motivational bible verses faith Jesus told these motivational verses to his disciples “..because of your little faith: for truly i say to you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, Be moved from this place to that; and it will be moved;” when you read these lines as a normal man, you will not be able to feel the motivation. Read this in your soul. Jesus adds the motivational factor by saying “and nothing will be impossible to you” at the last part of these motivational bible verses.

2. Have Foresight Of Joy

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You might have been facing some unbearable pain in your journey towards success. But have you ever thought of overcoming it by thinking about the beauty of success which is going to be for you. These such motivational bible verses let you feel.

1. Do It

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Finally, don’t give up. Bible says “Up, now! for this is your business, and we are with you; take heart and do it” Chase your dream with all your heart. You are going to win this world.