Miruthan Movie Review – Positives And Negatives

miruthan movie review rating
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Miruthan movie is one of the most expected tamil movie in 2016. The movie being publicized as the Tamil’s first zombie film created hyper expectation among people. And do you know the meaning behind the title “Miruthan”? It is derived from Mirugam and Manithan. When Miruthan trailer released almost everyone who watched might have thought about planning to enjoy the movie in theaters. And yes, the day came. Miruthan movie released in more than 1000 screens worldwide. This new zombie thriller tamil movie Miruthan received over whelming response in the day 1 too.

You might have already seen plenty of Miruthan movie reviews by experts. Yet, we offer you review at day 3 from the release, which could let you know the review of (Working day 1 + Weekend day 1 ) a collective movie response of people who watched. So its Miruthan review after 2 days. Normally people gets excited when they watch their most expected movie, But the question is whether the expectation and excitement about Miruthan continues even after 1st day?

Before that lets see about the crew of Miruthan.

AboutWho Are TheyTheir Movies
DirectorShakti Soundar RajanNaanayam, Naaigal Jaakirathai
ProducerMichael RayappanNadodigal, Eetti
ActorJayam RaviThani Oruvan
ActressLakshmi MenonVedhalam
MusicD.ImmanRajini Murugan

Here are some of the Miruthan Movie review in which people who have watched the movie had tweeted in their point of view about the movie.

Miruthan movie collection recorded Jayam Ravi’s biggest opening in Day 1.

Curious to know about the Miruthan story plot? Here Mr. Prabhu tweeted.

Sreedhar Pillar rated Miruthan 3/5.

Prashanth said that the movie is a Racy entertainer.

Overall Miruthan is considered as a big commercial treat well attempted by Shakti Soundar Rajan similar to his previous movies. The story of the movie and its plot might remind you of hollywood movies, but the director cooked up well with his perfect screenplay making miruthan, a lovable watch to tamil audience. Jayam Ravi has given his best similar to his outstanding performance in Thani Oruvan. Lakshmi menon has also done her part being an heroine for the movie.

Based on the people responses about Miruthan, here are some of the Positives and negatives in this zombie movie.

Positives of Miruthan
  • Good Thriller
  • Unique and First attempt in tamil cinema.
  • Jayam Ravi’s energy
  • Movie editing and Vfx
Negatives of Miruthan
  • Logic at climax
  • Children’s Can’t watch on account of vigourous Action