Microsoft’s Voice Assistant Software ‘Cortana’ Fails in Front of Huge Crowd

With the aim of building a perfect artificial intelligence voice recognition software, Microsoft invented a new voice assistant software ‘Cortana’. Owing to the joy of iOS users with ‘Siri’. Windows too attempted to create a virtual voice assistant software to its PC and smartphones. Few days back, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella presented a keynote in front of a huge crowd gathered at Salesforce Conference. Nadella was confident enough to present their recent innovation which is the Microsoft new voice assistant software ‘Cortana’.

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He walked around the stage towards podium and asked Cortana “Show me my most at-risk opportunities“. But the voice recognition software given him “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity“. The entire crowd along with Satya Nadella embarrassed at the output. Since the crowd burst into laughter, the Microsoft New CEO tried again by asking the same question  “Show me my most at-risk opportunities“. But this time none was suggested by Cortana. Frustrated Nadella said “Oh ! Come On” and repeated the same question. This time too he never got any suggestion from the Voice Recognizer. Hence he told the public that “this is not gonna work” and said sorry.!

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But later he succeeded by asking the same question to Cortana. And that time it showed him. Yes ! Worked at last!

May be this Artificial Intelligence software failed the India’s Top CEO in front of huge crowd. But Satya Its time to bounce back with perfect game changing victory soon.! Satya Nadella’s launch of Windows 10 turned to be an amazing success throughout the world. Similarly this Voice recognition Cortana would too evolve with Zero defect sooner.

Guys this is not just an information about the failure of World’s Top CEO infront of huge crowd. But also a learning lesson in our life that is gonna motivate us towards the Victory.