5 Best Skin Care Tips And Products For Men

best skin care tips for men
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It’s almost cliche that Skin care is only for women. Here are some skin care products and skin care tips for our handsome hunks too.

There are many leading brands which has launched products especially for men. So it’s time to stop using our girlfriends’, sisters’ or spouses’ skin care products and own one for ourselves. If you are a guy looking for the best product, here you should go…

Use Face wash

Guys are almost always outgoing (but yeah, you go out a lot). Being in our country, we know the amount of pollution that prevails. So, after you get back home after battling this pollution, the dirt in your face clogs. This makes your skin oily and you’ll find pimples appear from nowhere. Don’t you hate it when that happens? That’s why you should use a face wash. Do choose your face wash wisely according to your skin type. Using a face wash is one of the best skin care tips everyone will give to their friends. And oh yeah ! Its true.

skin care tips for men

Try Lip care

Let’s face it. Who likes chapped lips? It doesn’t really look appealing, does it? Lips get chapped due to dehydration and lack of moisture content. That’s why you need to apply lip balms. They help you maintain the moisture content and the dehydration part, that’s your duty guys. So care your lip skin too. Yes, you should dude !lip care tips for men

Screen your skin through Sun screen

Summer is up and we all know what it’s going to do to us. Our watch can only hold a small portion of your white skin back to prove others you were fair.  So to maintain your colour and to prevent your skin from tanning, you MUST use the sun block/sun screen. Cricketers were usually given the skin care tips of using sun screen while they play in sunny day. Good sun screen products literally does it duty. 

sun screen product for men

Fairness cream

All you guys out there, who feel they lost their colour to the sun… Here’s your chance for you. You might have seen lot of advertisements for fairness cream and your friends might have recommended using fairness cream as one of the skin care tips. And you have one fairness cream always flash in your mind. But this time No, it’s not fair and lovely all over again, with just a name change. This fairness cream is especially for the male skin.best fairness cream for men

Did you try moisturizer?

Moisturizers make your skin smooth. If you have scale like skin (which looks like a parched drought land), then yes you MUST use moisturizer. If not also, using a moisturizer helps you to maintain the moisture content in your body.

best moisturizer for men

Have these skin care tips for men in your mind through these decent skin care products which are performing well for male skin.