Light Pollution Alert: Artificial Sky Brightness In 80% Of World, 99% In US And European Countries

Global Light Pollution by Science Advance

What happens when the world doesn’t sleep?
Well, You might want to study about one more pollution in addition to Air pollution and Noise pollution. It is Light Pollution.

Light Pollution? Does it sound wired?
Our Wiki already says “What is Light Pollutions?

Now we should pay attention to the recent study made by Science Advances about Light pollution. There is a drastic increase in the Light pollution level in the last five years.
It has been observed in a NASA satellite image that night time lights are covering nearly 80 percent of the earth.

It is also shocking to know that the sky is 99 percent light polluted at US and European nations.

Artificial bright lights in the nights could disturb the total ecological balance of humans and animals. Human are likely to be affected by an improper sleep patterns while animals would suffer from an habitat imbalance.

The modernized society with artificial lighting can affect the natural way of living and dimishies natural night light of earth.

Science advances also publishes the top 10 most polluted and least polluted countries in the world.

Top 10 Most Light Polluted Countries

top 10 high light pollution countries
Image Source: Sciencemag advances

Top 10 Least Light Polluted Countries

least light pollution countries
Image Source: Sciencemag advances

It is time to think and measure our usage!