16 Interesting Life Lessons From Dangal Movie That Motivates You

dangal aamir khan to geetha

Rightly released at the end of the year, Dangal is being celebrated as one of the best motivational movies for movie lovers. People who have watched Dangal, walk out of the theater with full enthusiasm and energy. After seeing the movie trailer and Aamir Khan’s dedication for the character, every one of us had a very big expectation about the movie. Though we are awestruck by the efforts of Aamir Khan, we thought that what could be so special in the movie? We already have the recent blockbusters Sultan and Saala Khadoos in the same line.

Despite, how could Dangal manage to motivate people? How does this Charisma worked out? Is the movie Dangal sounds that much great? Maybe I would recommend you to watch in theaters to feel the response around you and the intense within you.

Here Are Some of the Most Interesting and Motivational Life Lessons From The Dangal Movie

16. Passions are buried due to Economic Burdens

Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh was a great passionate wrestler. But his dream of winning himself a gold medal for India was not fulfilled. He was forced to give up his wrestling for his livelihood. When he was asked by one his friends as “Why did you quit wrestling?” He replied back to him saying “I have no choice, It couldn’t give me money”life lessons from dangal

India has more such talents and passion which are dormant. Your interest could be something and you would be doing something else for your comfortable life. Don’t you agree with this?

15. Changes the Aspect of Parents that Only a Boy can Fulfill their Dream

When Mahavir Singh was blessed only with girl babies, he fed up and said that only boy can fulfill his dream of winning a gold metal to India in Wrestling. This portrays the mentality of most of the Indian parents who are having girl children. If you or your parents live with the same mentality, I could tell you to go and watch Dangal.

14. Parents to Identify and Nurture the Talent of their Children

When the kids do something wrong, most of the parents punish them without analyzing why do their children do that and what would be the reason behind it. Mahavir Singh listened to their children when they fought with boys and identified the talent and potential of his girl children in an incident.dangal lesson for parents

13. Girls are No Lesser than Boys

Everyone in the village scolded Mahavir Singh for involving a girl child in wrestling. Mahavir Singh replied to them asking “Do you think our girls are lesser than boys?” This statement has a lot more to ignite goosebumps in every girl.dangal motivational lesson

12. When You are in Your Track – Don’t listen to others

When someone mocks at you when you are in your path of success, remember Mahavir Singh’s reply “How long will they talk?”

11. Bitter Roots Bear Sweeter Fruits

The song “Oh papa you are injurious to health, too much discipline leads to death” portrays the mentality of us when our parents try to discipline us.

dangal girlsMahavir Singh gives a statement that most of our parents utter “Whatever I’m doing is for your best So that you can have a future, a life”. And this is proved in Dangal! Will be proved in your life too if you adhere to your parents.

10. Before You Fight with Your Opponent, You Need to Fight Your Fear

This applies not only in wrestling but also in your life whenever you decide to fight in your daily battlefield.dangal aamir khan six pack

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9. Medalists Don’t Grow on Trees You Have to Nurture Them

If you are decided to become a medalist. Nurture yourself with whatever you want for it.dangal dialogue medalist

8. Never Forget “How You Got Till Here”

The situation of Geetha made her forget the worth of her evergreen couch. But life taught her lessons later for it. If you feel that you are in a better position now. Never ever forget the path and persons on your progress.dangal aamir khan to geetha

7. Fake a Move and Make Other

This is when people call you smarter. Learn the strategy to win in your life but let your victory be not a fake. It should be genuine.

6. Be Ready at 5 am

80 percent of successful people start their day early. So if you decided to do something extraordinary. Remember this saying “Work when others are still sleeping”.

5. Know the Value of Time

Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh let her daughter know this reality “You have got only 2 minute but remember you have 120 seconds”. Remember this before you say “Oh, I’m interested but I’m not finding time to do this”

4. Remember “You are Not to Lose”

So, “You are born to win”dangal geetha

3. It is Difficult but Not Impossible

Whenever you feel like you are going to face something more than your potential, Accept it as difficult and prepare for it. But remember that it is not impossible.

2. Make the Efforts Save You

You cannot expect everyone who was in your journey of success to be with you forever. You will have to make sure that your effort should save you, not the person.

1. I’m Proud of You

Finally, hear this sentence from the bottom of the heart of your soul that made you successful.dangal aamir khan proud

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