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Remember the impact that made when the tribal people in the movie ‘Kumki’ said the dialogue “komban erangitan da”(komban the wild elephant’s name )????? And now almost two years past Kumki, karthi as Komban has revived the same impact and terrific screen presence. Let’s see what does this komban offers us to the audience

Image Courtesy – http://cinematime.in


Karthi sizzles in his character of an ‘untamed bull’ – steaming with violence and a lightens up the screen with his onscreen romance with Lakshmi Menon… The plot is set around the beautiful emotional relationship between a father in law played by Raj Kiran and son In law(karthi) . Raj Kiran does a walk in the park performance as he does always.
The dialogues are catchy and weaves magic at times though it’s sound cliche it has enough to take the movie over the line.
The lens work is exceptional in capturing the village essence.


This kind of plot has been in Tamil cinema almost two decades and its been the same ‘old wine in new glass’ formula of late.
The songs are a big letdown and gv Prakash disappointed bigtime.
‘Commercial elements forming the core of the movie’ offers less to movie lovers this would’ve been excellent if it’s made in the likes of ‘paruthiveeran’ kinda filmmaking.

Bottom line:

A decent entertainer with a lot of emotions stitched all the way has enough fuel in the tank to entertain all classes
Rating : 3/5