Kaththi, New Tamil Film Review

new tamil film
Image Courtesy -chennaionline.com

Kaththi, new Tamil film by AR Murugadoss is a usual spicy Kollywood masala action ride. Don’t go to this new Tamil film expecting logic (Believe me! That’s going to be really hard!) First you are introduced with a rather innovative scene. As usual, the cops are incompetent. I don’t want to spoil anything beyond that. But Vijay is playing a dual role.

new tamil film
Image Courtesy -chennaionline.com

The story does not need another Vijay. The story could be perfectly told with a Single Vijay. A single revolutionary would have more than sufficed. I guess the other Vijay is there just for the sake of being there without having to contribute to anything. It is really dumb. Then again, I should not expect any logic.

The romantic track is really boring. Just like the second Vijay, the heroine is there just for the sake of being there. She has no real role. She is introduced as a dumb person. You don’t want to invest any of your emotions on her. She is later seen producing decent dialogues. Guess, she is not that dumb. But she is not believable as a decent emotional investment either. I mean who in the world at the age of 37, would believe in love at first sight (OK, I am not expecting any logic!) But if you want a heroine for heroine’s sake, I would have put her as the hero’s wife or even get herself pregnant. I mean he is 37 or close to that right? Why can’t he have a wife who complains to him about his wrong method of leading a life and asks him to leave that job for the sake of their child and then become motivated to become a revolutionary? That sounds a little more interesting than the story arc that was produced in this new Tamil film even though it was already done. Does the heroines always have to be young and glamorous?

Now the villain. The villain played by Neil Nithin Mukesh offered a decent performance. I mean he falls into the traditional bad guy formula. He is the bad guy with a bad attitude and with a bad character. You are compelled and blackmailed to hate him. And he does a fairly good job at that. I hated him and I don’t believe there are people with his attitude living in the current generation. The villain is witty. His new villainy look offers a very little variety to this new Tamil movie if there is any.

Please don’t go for the slow motion shots in the action sequences. It is really annoying. And please don’t make a single person beating fifty goons. Let his friend give him a hand rather than just playing the part of shutting OFF and ON the power.

So, the plus in the movie… Definitely the highlight of this movie is the extended monologue offered by Vijay sir in the movie. Water scarcity is the main theme of this new Tamil film. And the monologue where he wants the media to understand the ignorance of the city people towards this issue is actually well delivered. This movie is especially worth watching for this very scene. The Jeevanandham flashback shots are actually good. And I believe this new Tamil film could have toned down to an hour and a half Action drama. The first half is really dull and felt totally unnecessary. The songs could have used along with the story like in Jigarthanda. But it had to be shot separately. Already the pacing is dull with more unnecessary scenes. And these songs tests the patience. But the sound track when listened separately from the movie sounds good. The BGM rocks. The BGM is one of the reason you might want to spend your time with this cinema.

Overall, Kaththi is a traditional Kollywood masala film with a social issue. That social issue should have been the primary focus of the film. But at many a times, we are diverted from that issue with a poor romantic sequence, poor action block (of course, the use of coins is innovative.) an unnecessary double role to cheap shocks. I’m giving it a 3/5.