Kanithan Movie Review – Rating, Positives, Negatives

kanithan movie review rating
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Kanithan, the tamil word of ‘Mathematician’ is expected to be a action thriller for kollywood. When Kanithan movie trailer released, everyone of us might guessed about the plot of the story. The crew of Kanithan executed the same plot well to keep you engaged while watching the movie.

Crew of Kanithan Movie

AboutWho Are TheyHit Movies
DirectorT. N. SanthoshFirst Movie
ActressCatherine TresaKathakali
MusicSivamaniArima Nambi

The movie starts with the early scenes that could grasp the audience curiosity and continues with the peppy romance with the story beginning in about after 30 minutes. Gowtham ( Atharvaa ) is not actually a Kanithan ( Mathematician ) in the movie. But a BE graduated Passionate Journalist.The director have well executed this action thriller with the necessary ingredients. Atharvaa pairs up with Catherine Tresa for the first time and it worked well in the screen. The Kanithan movie also has some of the crucial characters like K. Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Karunakaran. All of them have added the necessary flavor to the story at the correct level.

The conversation between the BE graduated father with his son about his passion for Journalism could invoke and motivate your mind towards your own passion. Kanithan movie also gives goosebumps to the Tamil youth during the BBC interview scene of Atharvaa. The Kanithan movie calculated the darkness of every nook and corner of the educational forgery in the society. The movie simply multiples the list of departments and people who are suspected to be present in society today. Subtracts the real value of job one is working. Divides it with the anger of a common man and Equals a good watchable and realizable lesson.

Key Highlights While Watching Kanithan
  • Fight scene just before interval block will make you think Atharvaa turns as a good action hero
  • Interval block could remind you Thuppaki
  • Fight scene ( Switch off the lights ) after interval might remind you Kathi
  • An Analysis scene about the crime network could remind you Thani Oruvan
Positives of Kanithan
  • Good Action Thriller
  • Reveals the darkest match of Education and Job
  • BGM
  • Screenplay will keep you engaged
  • Atharvaa’s Energy
Negatives of Kanithan
  • Misplaced songs at certain places
  • Songs were not good like BGM
  • Love at first sight