Kabali Movie Review And Rating With Positives and Negatives

kabali movie review and rating with positives and negatives
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The most and hyper expected tamil movie Kabali has been roaring the world with the phrase “Neruppu da”. So how super excited are you about Kabali? How many times have you logged in and refresh your movie booking websites to book a ticket for Kabali movie? How thirsty are you to know about the movie review of Rajini’s Kabali? Yes, the wait for Thalaivar’s Kabali is over. The day has come to celebrate in theaters. Despite long battle, i got a chance to watch Kabali movie FDFS early in the morning. Omg! the excitement and thrill were super awesome. I would like to share my experience and gives you this Kabali movie review with the positives and negatives in it. At last, I would also like to rate Kabali movie.

Need not tell about the movie crew, yet let us know some details about Kabali movie crew.

Crew of Kabali Movie



About Who Are They Latest Hit
Director Pa. Ranjith Attakathi, Madras
Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu Theri
Actor Superstar Rajinikanth Lingaa
Actress Radhika Apte Dhoni
Music Santhosh Narayanan Iraivi

So How is the Crew Combination in Kabali?

No AR Rahman, No Shankar, No Manirathnam or big directors and big co-actors. Thalaivar’s new attempt with the young crew proved promising right for today generation. However, it felt that something is missing. Everyone in the crew has given their best for Superstar movie.

How is Thalaivar in Kabali?

Kabali’s first look and teaser itself created craziness about Superstar’s new look. Yes, The movie also has the logic and meaning for Thalaivar’s costume and coolers. The energy level of superstar travels along till the end with intensity variations as per the scenes with the first half to second half.

What is the Story Plot of Kabali Movie?

An old aged gangster goes in search of his past and finds answers to his thoughts.

Is the Screenplay of Kabali Keeps the Audience Engaged?


kabali movie rating
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Begins with fire slows down in first half. Catches fire again just before the interval and gives you goosebumps. 

How is Ranjith Direction for Kabali?

Ranjith style of direction in taking a big plot in a most practical way proved amazing. The director has rightly mixed up his candy shots with the flavor of the superstar. However, we couldn’t compare his fantabulous of direction as he expressed in Madras.

kabali movie review
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What about the BGM and music score of Kabali?

The teaser and songs have created a hyper expectation about the electrifying bgm. Throughout the movie, the same bgm gives a glimpse of Rajini feel in you. Yup! Santhosh Narayanan did it.

What is special in Kabali?

The promotion and expectations for Kabali have made the movie special. But if you watch Kabali movie, there is nothing special. The old wine(Rajini) in a new bottle(Ranjith).

Why should you watch Kabali movie?

Rajini’s casual screen presence after long time. You could witness a Mullum malarum Rajinikanth rather than Sivaji the boss.

Positives of Kabali Movie
  • Rajini’s casual screen presence
  • Typical emotions of a gangster
  • Dhansikha and ‘Attakathi’ Dinesh
Negatives of Kabali Movie
  • Slow pace first half
  • Few unwanted scenes
  • No punch dialogues