Kaashmora Movie Analysis – Positives | Negatives | Verdict | Rating

kaashmora movie analysis positives negatives

Kaashmora first look of Karthi itself created a great sensation. On seeing Karthi as a warrior, we thought that Kaashmora could be the next Ayirathil Oruvan for Karthi. Earlier in the month when Kaashmora movie trailer was released, the trailer gained a humongous response from the fans of Tamil cinema. The trailer has got 59 Lakhs Views with 37k likes and 2k dislikes so far. Here we present the movie analysis of Kaashmora with positives and negatives.

Crew Of Kaashmora Movie

About Who Are They Latest Hits
Director Gokul Idharkuthanae Aasaipattai Balakumara
Producer Dream warrior pictures Saguni, Joker
Actor Karthi Thozha
Actress Nayanthara Iru Mugan
Music Santhosh Narayanan Kabali

The Hype

On seeing the Kaashmora trailer, we also imagined that we would get a Bahubali or a Mahadeera for Tamil cinema.

Kaashmora released as a Diwali movie for the year 2016. On the day when the movie tickets were opened, almost all the theaters in Chennai were occupied and even SPI cinemas website and the app went to Maintenance mode.

The Truth

On the account of all these expectations, how did Kaashmora movie made the audience feel? Let these tweets speak first before my views on the new movie Kaashmora.

Why should you watch Kaashmora movie?

Well, Kaashmora is a historic horror attempt by a director with a strong crew like Karthi, Vivek, Nayanthara, Sri Divya, Santhosh Narayanan and much more.

Story Plot of Kaashmora movie

A cursed evil warrior waits for his day to get rid of his curse and start a new life.

Characterization Rating of Kaashmora movie

The Characterization of the movie is analyzed and rated basis on “How well did the characters convince you?”

  • Karti as Kaashmora and Raj Nayak did his role extremely well – 4/5
  • Nayanthara as Rathna Mahadevi was included only to the story plot and nothing beyond it – 2.5/5
  • Sri Divya as Yamini was included to carry the Kaashmora plot in a normal youth mentality – 2/5
  • Vivek as Kaashmora’s father has given his best with the humor mix as a perfect dad – 4/5

Music and BGM

Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM somehow keeps the mood of the audience to the changing screenplay.


A good screenplay should keep the audience engaged throughout the full hour of the movie. Kaashmora movie lacks a well engaging screenplay which is the major drawback for the movie.


The VFX and animation of Kaashmora movie proved promising in the trailer. The editing and special effects carried out in the movie for Raj Nayak were good. But the VFX effect given for the palace could have been made better. The reason is everyone has expected Bahubali, not Rudramadevi.

Positives of Kaashmora Movie
  • VFX and plot for Raj Nayak
  • Vivek comedy
  • Karthi and Nayanthara screen presence
Negatives of Kaashmora Movie
  • Movie length
  • Story and screenplay
  • Lack of scenes which gains audience claps