10 Myth About IT Employees Realized At Time Of Appraisal

it employee myth
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‘Month of March’ usually a month of mission for every student writing their final exams, a financial calculator for every organization. But it is always been a dream for IT employees which would turn to be a nightmare during his appraisal cycle for the forthcoming year. In this month let us see some myth in the world of IT employees, actually a belief in which an employee or his manager would think about their co-employee in IT.

10. When your manager don’t had time to take rest, then you had not done your best.

IT employee myth about manager

So, you will be judged based on this!

9. When you take care of your own family, You are homesick. When you work for your manager’s family, Your responsibility is proved for next project. 

IT employee myth about family

IT Manager : Can you please pass this(Shopping Item) while you pass my home?

8. When you don’t meet your target this month, then you are the target in their next month.

IT employee myth about target

Layoffs have become common in almost every IT companies. No guarantee for employees even if their experience is 5 times greater than a fresher’s.

7. When you wanna move to next level, you have to be your manager’s mail man.

IT employee myth about promotion

So if you behave odd, you are finished!

6. When you drink personally you are a drinker. When you drink at official party you are perfectly socialized. And if you not, you are unfit for society, usually titled ‘PAZLAM’

IT employee myth about socializing

Yes, commonly called as “The IT culture”

5. When your project Deadline is not met, You should literally Die

IT employee myth about project deadline

The world usually count the curse than the blessings. However you are great in launching 9 successful projects, the one you missed will be taken into account.

4. When employees are leave for longer time, it is LOP. When manager is leave for longer time, it is VACATION.

IT employee myth about vacation

Don’t know how the leave policy is getting revised.

3. Leaving for washroom frequently is a fool practice

IT employee myth about break

Only if you drink more water, you will realize this.

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1. Leaving on time is crime

IT employee myth about leaving on time

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You might say ‘YES’ in your heart. But will never express.