Iphone SE Review – Pros And Cons, Price, Specifications

iPhone SE pros consreview
Image Source - Screen Grab of Apple.com

iPhone 5s is the most successful model of Apple in the history of iPhone. When Apple launched this compatible 4-inch iPhone, almost everyone had gone crazy. The model had also hit the record of highest sale history for Apple. When iPhone 6 and 6S was launched, people felt that the unique look of Apple had gone. The thin and rounded edges with increased screen size made iPhone 6 and 6S look like Samsung S6. In order as overcoming this infirmity, iPhone SE comes into the market in April 2016. Let us know this new iPhone SE review with the below analysis along with its pros and cons.

So what special in iPhone SE?

When the specifications and feature of a 50k phone are provided to you at 30k, Would not you go for it? Yes, you cannot compare iPhone SE with iPhone 5S. The features of iPhone SE can only be compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Let me compare few specifications of iPhone SE below.

Display of iPhone SE

iPhone SE has Retina display while iPhone 6 and 6S has Retina HD display.

iPhone SE display review
Image Source – Screen Grab of Apple.com

Weight of iPhone SE

iPhone SE is lesser in weight than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The weight of SE and 5S are same with 113g and 112g respectively.

Touch ID of iPhone SE

The touch ID with fingerprint sensor in iPhone SE can be compared to iPhone 6. Both are 1st generation fingerprint sensor while iPhone 6S comes with the 2nd generation fingerprint sensor.

Camera of iPhone SE

The iPhone SE review on camera made it clear that it can only be compared to iPhone 6S. Yes, the new iPhone SE has 12 MP iSight camera. Even iPhone 6 has only 8 MP. iPhone SE also supports live photos. The camera spec is one of the biggest pros of iPhone SE.

iphone se camera review
Image Source – Screen Grab of Apple.com

Processor of iPhone SE 

iPhone SE has Apple A9 chip which can be compared to iPhone 6S. iPhone 6 has an only A8 chip.

All these specification comparisons are presented in Apple official website.

Pros of iPhone SE
  • 12 MP Camera
  • A9 chip processor, M9 motion coprocessor
  • Live photos
  • Awesome battery backup
  • Handy to use
Cons of iPhone SE
  • Priced bit high
  • No 3D touch

People feel that iPhone SE is overpriced but the same have purchased iPhone 4 and 4S at 40k when it was launched. Come on dude ! It is Apple call to worry. Apple is providing almost every spec of iPhone 6S in iPhone SE. Only people who love the bigger size and 3D touch might go for iPhone 6S. Others can definitely buy iPhone SE. Don’t know how does Apple manage iPhone 6S sale !

Final Verdict of iPhone SE review – Apple at risk and Customer at the profit.



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