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Interstellar Movie
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To the minds that were continuosly witnessing Indian commercial movies !!! To the people who completely lost the hope of seeing a GOOD FILM!!! Christopher Nolan has given his astonishing creation to the people of India through his Portrayal of his ideas and knowledge on space thorough this pathbreaking film “Interstellar Movie!!!

Interstellar movie

The movie opens up with the dying planet !! Dust storm , food scarcity and serious lung diseases threatening to wipe off the human race !!! A set of astrophysicists secretly planning to send a last scout mission in search of a new planet in despair… Cooper, a dumped spacecraft pilot who forced to undertake farming has been accidentally led into a situation where he is going to take command of the ENDURANCE mission along with a bunch of scientists.whether they succeeded in their mission or not forms the second half.The movie kicks off in a slow pace where the bonding between a father and a daughter’s love forms the crux of the movie . The emotional scenes literally makes everyone cry even if you don’t understand English.. Mathew McCoughaney nailed it with perfection and carries the entire movie on his shoulder. Murphy,daughter of cooper played her role more than the age the performance was jaw dropping in various scenes !!! So Christopher Nolan has sealed the emotional part almost flawless .The lens work is outstanding in each and every frame you’ll almost forget that this a just a movie !!! Do watch it IMAX one of the best visually stunning SPACE RIVETING saga!!! There was gravity 2001 space odyssey !!! But interstellar movie is beyond the reach in terms of Film making . Either be the corn fields or the wormhole travel everything is  hard hitting and real. And the movie will be a benchmark for years to come .The background score for the film has been yielded by hans zimmer well you cannot expected a better work from him..his music shines everywhere  and lifts every normal scene into a stunner .the docking scene bgm  is a screamer of a music and is the best of this year by a mile without any doubts… The amount of work put by the Nolan brothers is incredible!! Be it the dialogues and the physics collaborating seamlessly with the movie portion is a challenge to any movie maker !!!! To a lot of people the last 40 minutes will pull of their brains out of their craniums especially INDIANS if you’re normal familiar with gravity , wormhole , black hole , theory of relativity , the dimensions then you got to brush up your physics before watching the movie !!!!

The physics you need to know in order to understand Interstellar Movie

Interstellar Movie
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Artificial Gravity

A big problem we, as humans, face with long-term space travel is the affects of zero gravity in space. We were born on Earth and therefore our bodies are adapted to thrive under certain gravitational conditions, but when we’re in space for long period of time, our muscles degrade.

This is an issue for the travellers in Interstellar, too.

To combat this, scientists have conceived different designs of installing artificial gravity on spaceships. One way to solve the problem is to rotate the space ship like in the film. The rotation creates a force, called centrifugal force, that pushes objects to the outer walls of the spacecraft. This push acts similar to how gravity would, but just in an opposite direction. So many of those people wondering why the ENDURANCE SPACESHIP IS SPINNING AND REVOLVING HERE IS THE SOLUTION.

You experience this same form of artificial gravity when you’re driving around a tight curve and feel like you’re being pushed outward, away from the central point of the curve. For a spinning spacecraft, your wall becomes the floor on which walk.

Spinning Black Holes

At the centre of every black hole is an extremely dense, massive, compact star called a neutron star. Astronomers have known for decades that certain neutron stars spin — some at a rate of thousands of times per second.

Spinning neutron stars, that are dense enough, produce spinning black holes, which astronomers have observed, albeit indirectly. What you need to know about spinning black holes is that they warp the space around them differently than stationary black holes.

This warping process is called frame dragging, and it affects the way a black hole will look and distort the space and, more importantly, the spacetime around it. The spinning black hole you see in the film is surprisingly scientifically accurate. This is the science behind the scene When Dr.brand sees an optical illusion when she utters the dialogue  “FIRST HANDSHAKE”when they were approaching near a wormhole

Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-trip Interstellar Movie will be premiering in theatres across all the Indian citiesNo doubt, the film is the strangest cinematic experience you will have had since Nolan’s Inception.

But unlike Inception, the visually-gripping film Interstellar Movie is based on real physics.

They must race against space and time to complete their mission. All this space travel can get a little confusing, but it relies on some basic physics principles. And if you understand these principles, then you’ll spend less time guessing and more time enjoying. Of those one among is wormhole.


Interstellar Movie
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Wormholes — like the one the Interstellar Movie  crew use — are one of the only physical phenomenon in the film that don’t have any observational evidence to support their existence. They are purely theoretical but an incredibly handy plot device for any science fiction story looking to traverse cosmic distances.

This is because wormholes are essentially shortcuts through space. Any object with mass will create a divot in space, meaning space can be stretched, distorted, or even folded. A wormhole is a fold in the fabric of space (and time) that connects two, otherwise extremely distant, regions in space, which enables space explorers to travel long distances over a short period of time.

The official term for a wormhole is an Einstein-Rosen bridge because they were first theorized by Albert Einstein and his colleague Nathan Rosen in 1935.

Gravitational Time Dilation

Gravitational time dilation is a real phenomenon that has been observed on Earth. It occurs because time is relative, meaning time runs at different rates for different reference frames. When you’re in a strong gravitational environment time runs slower for you relative to people in a weak gravitational environment.

If you are near a black hole, like the one in the film, your gravitational reference frame, and therefore your perception of time, is different than someone standing on Earth. This is because the gravitational pull from the black hole is stronger the closer you are to it.

For you, a minute near a black hole will still last 60 seconds, but if you could look at a clock on Earth, a minute will appear to last less than 60 seconds. This means you will age more slowly than the people on Earth. And the stronger the gravitational field you’re in, the more extreme the time dilation.

This plays an important role in the film when the explorers encounter a black hole at the center of another solar system.

Five-Dimensional Reality

Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life working out what physicists call a unified theory — which would combine the mathematical concept of gravity with the other three fundamental forces of nature: the strong force, weak force, and electromagnetic force. He failed to find one, as have countless physicists since Einstein.

Gravity refuses to cooperate, and some physicists think that one way to solve this outstanding mystery is to treat our universe as if it actually functioned in five dimensions, instead of the four-dimensional universe Einstein developed in his theory of relativity, which couples three-dimensional space with one-dimensional time, a.k.a. spacetime.

Nolan toys with this idea that our universe has five dimensions in the film and gravity’s important role in it all.

Interstellar Movie is rather a mind boggling puzzle than a movie !!!!! Deserves all applause and ovation

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