All International Brands Prices Slashed For This Black Friday 2017

black friday 2017
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US celebrates Thanks Giving day as Black Friday. Today is the Black Friday 2017. Google thanks its users with extreme discounts and offers on its products.

You can buy Google home for just $29 with an additional $10 coupon. Google chromecast and chromecast ultra are also available with $15 offer.

Oh, So are you an Apple lover?

There is also a good news for you. iPhone 6 is available for just $129(INR 8350) and iPhone SE for $99.99 (INR 6472)

So, what about the Apple’s great rival Samsung?

Samsung lists the black friday deal in its official website. You can save upto $400 (INR 25893) on buying Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB variant. You can save upto $500 (INR 32300) on buying a 64 inch Curved 4K UHD Samsung TV.

And there are lot more you can take home from this best blackfriday deals.

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For Indians, Amazon India gives 40% offer on international products.