How to Relieve Stress With These 5 Effective Simple Ways

how to relieve stress
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My oh my! Stress is now a very casual word even kids use. On a serious note, stress is seeping into our lives and bothering us both physically and mentally

So who is going to help you relieve stress?

If you are one of the person who thinks like this, here are few stress relief tips i would like to inform you about. These simple stress management technique may help you recover instantly.

5. Have You Tried Playing With Pets?

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If you are a pet lover, then this is one of the best stress relief tip im going to tell you.

The best decision you take in life would be to buy a pet animal for yourself. You will literally not be able to think about your worries when they start playing with you. If you still don’t have a pet, get set go!

4. Have You Spent Time With Toddlers or Babies?

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Few people are afraid of animals (u should be more afraid of human beings)shhh shhh!

This will be the best one for you.

Even if there is no baby or toddler at your home, take tuition for the kinder-gardens, or take your little cute neighbour for a walk. You will definitely end up laughing and enjoying in their world of innocence.

3. The Sea Sight 🙂

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If neither of the above is possible, head to the ocean.

The waves, the sand and the wind will do all the magic.

Go play in the sand, make sand castles. Let anyone else look at u weirdly doesn’t matter. Or sing out loud. The wind is going to carry the song away and play with the waves. You will never know how time flies. Sea does the magic and relieve stress.

2. Why Don’t You Just Listen to Your Favourite Songs?

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Alright! let us assume you are at work, then plug-in your earphones and listen to happy songs.

There are many feel good songs. Songs have the power to relieve stress

Varies from person to person. Celebration songs make me happy any time. So I listen to them when I’m stressed. Hence, i give you some of my stress relief tips. Why don’t you try?

1. Why Don’t You Take Deep Breaths?

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If you have a very little time for recovery. This does it all. The best trick among all;)

Take deep breaths and count them simultaneously.

Do it for at least ten counts concentrating only on breathing for best results close your eyes and imagine some happy event or some one you love the most.

Things will get easier.

If none of these simple stress relief tips helped. Then you have really got BP man 🙂 Why don’t you go check it out with your family doc!